Purple Oats!

I few days ago I discovered something really yummy and fun! Purple Oats!! I made my oatmeal like I normally do: 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup skim milk, 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 a frozen banana, splash of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon. But then I got creative and added a handful of frozen blueberries! And then my oats became purple!!




Frozen blueberries are a delicious addition!! I am so glad I figured out the frozen fruit works just as good as fresh fruits in stovetop oats!!




Enjoyed with the usual toppings of Naturally More PB and coconut! I think that eating purple oats is way more fun than regular colored oats!!



I had a 5 mile run planned for this morning. I didn’t set an alarm because I literally had nothing to do today, so I could run whenever I wanted!! I woke up around 8:45am! That’s so late for me! So, I slept for 10+ hours last night! Yikes, seems to make me even more tired when I sleep over 8 hours… oh well, it was nice to let my body wake up on it’s own for once!!


So anyway, I headed out for my 5 miler around 9:15ish and the thermometer was still reading 27 degrees! Yikes, that’s cold! I definitely bundled up!! There was a little bit of a wind, so I was freezing in one direction but at least my route kinda curves around a lot so I wasn’t running into the wind all that much. I did my usual hilly 5 mile route and I felt kinda tired the whole time. I definitely didn’t feel like I was going very fast. I am attributing that to too much sleep! My tummy was acting up a bit too, but I managed to push through it and kept going. My watch beeped at the 5 mile mark and I looked down and the time said 49:02! Wow! Definitely didn’t think I was doing under a 10 minute mile, that’s for sure! I was expecting to see 10:30/miles! Here’s my splits:


Mile 1: 10:03

Mile 2: 9:43

Mile 3: 9:46

Mile 4: 9:57

Mile 5: 9:35

Average pace: 9:49


Yay for me!! I am planning a longer run for Friday so hopefully that will go well! Maybe it will be a little warmer than 27 degrees!!



I have spent the entire day, literally, in front of the computer working on Honeymoon stuff!! I need to get our plane tickets booked before the prices get any higher!! We are planning to go to San Francisco, Napa Valley, and maybe Sacramento to do some white water rafting. I did a bunch of research on what to do while we are there and on plane ticket prices. I didn’t realize how much there was to do in these areas! So overwhelming!!  I have yet to do any hotel research so if anyone has any recommendations for hotels in these areas please let me know!! The fiancĂ© and I are going over all my work tonight so hopefully we will have a definite itinerary and I can book plane tickets and start looking for hotels!!


I am super excited for tomorrow because I am going to lunch with my great friend and bridesmaid, Katie, and then we are meeting up with Jennifer, another one of my bridesmaids, and we are going to pick their dresses out! Yay!! We are going to start at David’s Bridal because they have so many choices and great prices, so hopefully we will find one there that everyone likes!!


Well, that’s enough for now! Have a good night!


  1. Five miles is great! Have fun at lunch :)

  2. At least your oats are pretty! Ha!

  3. Your food always looks so pretty.