I need ya’lls help!! I have been looking at the weather for race day and it’s supposed to be 21 degrees at the start! Yikes!! I haven’t ran in that cold of weather… like EVER!! So I need suggestions of what to wear! Obviously layers but specifically what layers? I know you aren’t supposed to do anything “new” on race day but I trained mostly in weather around the 50’s so 21 degrees is a MAJOR change!! Please help me!!


I picked up my race packet this afternoon at the expo and I am SOOO pumped for the half marathon!! My race number is 7645! I have never run in a race this big so it’s gonna be extra exciting!! I am starting my carbo loading tonight at Old Venice with my Bunco group! Haha :) We are playing dirty Santa too! Love that game! The gift I bought is a Starbucks card and I might just pick my own gift! Ha!!


Had a good 3 mile run with Erin this morning! It wasn’t to chilly, in the 40’s I think. My legs were tired, since it was my 3rd day in a row of running. They are looking forward to a rest day tomorrow! And rest they will be doing since we have a half marathon on Saturday!! Well ya’ll, I gotta get going! Have a lot to do before I go to dinner!!


  1. I've never run in that cold of weather but would suggest layers and more layers. And something to cover your ears.

  2. my first marathon that i ran in october was FREEZING. it started off chilly maybe around 40 degrees and cloudy. around the 5th mile it started to rain and then sleet and the temp dropped. by the 15th mile it was full out snowing/sleeting and wicked windy and about 30 degrees. i knew it would be bad weather, so i was semi-prepared for it clothing-wise but here is what I'd suggest after having to go through it:
    -under armour or asics running gloves (essential - and if you can pick up a 2nd pair, do it cuz mine got so wet and my hands were so frost-bitten - esp if you're carrying a lightweight pack, have the 2nd pair in there)
    -black spandex tights (i wore black spandex shorts and it was ok for most of it but i probably would have been better with tights, esp since I always seem to sweat a lot in the beginning but then cool down right away around probably the 8th mile)
    -top layers: underneath i'd wear a lightweight, long sleeve asics shirt and i also wore a water/wind resistant, lightweight jacket from pearl izumi which you can find here: it did a good job of keeping me warm and dry.
    -other: fleece headband - i was going to wear it around my ears by ended up using it around my neck

    i wish you the BEST of luck this weekend. you can do it!!! and then just remember this quote from bill rodgers: "there's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people" :-)

  3. When I race, I tend to be really cold in the corrals and first few miles, but then can overheat if I have on too much - esp once the sun comes out. So these kind of do both:

    Long sleeve tech shirt that you can push up the sleeves if you get too hot. Maybe another shirt underneath (I've worn a warm tight tank under for body warmth and then when I get warm, folded up the stomach portion on my chest. Sounds weird but controlled temp really well without having to worry about my bib being on one shirt or another - the long sleeve was on the outside the whole time.)

    I think capris work well for starting line warmth but good air flow once you're running.

    You can look for an old sweatshirt at Goodwill to wear at the start/first few miles - most large races collect throw away clothes to donate to charity. Bonus points if it has a hood you can snuggle up in too.

    Target sells $1 knit gloves. Super warm and cheap enough to toss. Cheap enough if you want to wear 2 pairs at once even!

    ONE LAST BIG TIP: Don't breathe into your hands to warm them up. The thermal heat you gain is more than negated by the evaporative cooling of the moisture in your breath. It will leave you colder in the long run.

    Have a great race!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  4. I ran Memphis last year and it was COLD!

    I hate running in pants or tights, so I always go with shorts unless it's cold and windy, which is different than just being cold. Then I'll do one. I also only wear a simple long sleeve shirt. Find an old long sleeve cotton shirt or sweatshirt to wear that you can toss when you warm up.

    Make sure you have gloves and something to cover your ears... I find if those things are warm, then I don't feel so cold.

  5. For 20 degrees I'd probably go with a pair of tights, a long sleeve Under Armour-type shirt, and either another long sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt over the under armour-type shirt. Of course something for your ears and hands! I think that sounds about right for 20 degrees! Maybe start with a sweatshirt that you can throw away too...

    Good luck!!!

  6. Oh, girl... more power to you running in that freezing cold. I know you can do it, GOOD LUCK!!!! :)