Running Plan for Spring 2010

Hey ya’ll! How’s everyone’s Monday going?? Mine couldn’t have gone any slower, seeing as I have been studying ALL DAY  :(  My last test for the semester is Wednesday, and then I am on break until January 4th! Yes!! I am so ready for Wednesday to be here!!


My breakfast this morning was awesome!! Remember how I bought a few Panera bagels yesterday? Well, of course I had one for breakfast!!






I had the Asiago Cheese bagel with some of the honey walnut cream cheese! It was divine! I think this might be my favorite bagel flavor ever!! The toaster made the cheese all gooey and delicious!!




And of course I had a cup of Fresh Market Christmas Blend. It’s so yummy!!


Unfortunately, Erin and I weren’t able to run together this morning, so I was on my own for my first post half marathon run! I was still a little sore and I wasn’t sure how well this run would go. I had only planned to do an easy 3 miles, but I felt so GREAT from the very beginning, that it turned into 4 miles at a faster pace than planned!! LOVE when that happens!


Time: 39:11

Mile 1: 10:08

Mile 2: 9:54

Mile 3: 9:48

Mile 4: 9:21

Average pace: 9:48


I felt great during this run and I am so happy about that!! I was so antsy to run too! Al was laughing at me last night because I just kept smiling and gushing about running! Haha, I know, I’m addicted :)


Now, on to my Spring 2010 Running Plans!! I have 3 goals that I want to accomplish this spring:


1. A faster 1/2 marathon


2. Figure out better fueling regimen during long runs (so my side stitches disappear forever!)


3. Have fun!! Because that’s what it’s all about, right?!


I have 2 main races I am focusing on, both are half marathons! I would love to do a full someday, just not right now. I don’t have the time with school, unfortunately, and when I do train for a full, I really want to be into it and I’m just not at that place right now! I am super in love with the HALF! I feel like it’s long enough to still be a great accomplishment, but short enough to keep my attention span! Haha! I will also be running some local 5k’s and 10k’s, hopefully with my running buddy!! Erin, I would love for you to do the half’s with me too!! Here are my choices (so far) for spring 2010:


1. Germantown Half Marathon March 21st, 2010: This was the very first half I did like 4-5 years ago!! It’s a smaller race but very close to home!! And it’s relatively flat, which makes for a little speedier of a course!


2. Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, TN April 24th, 2010: This is the one I am REALLY excited about! It’s a huge race and I have been wanting to run it for so many years!! I hear it’s pretty hilly (which is fine with me). Anyone ever done this course? Really hilly or just normal hilly??


So that’s it at the moment!! I am planning on keeping up my base, 4-5 running days per week with a long run each week, about 25ish miles/week, until the end of January and then starting a training plan. Once I crossed the finish line this past Saturday, all I could think was, so when’s my next one?? Haha!


What races are ya’ll doing this spring? Any other good one’s in the South that you would recommend? I am definitely not limited to these 2!!


And now I leave you with a Sadie photo shoot (she was begging me to take her picture, can’t you tell??)




I only allow her on the couch if her blanket is up there, so when it is, she doesn’t budge!




Sleepy head!!




Close- up! She’s giving me the evil picture eye! Haha, isn’t she the cutest?!? Have a GREAT night!!


  1. Love the puppy pictures.
    I can see you having SO much fun at Country Music half!!

  2. I just read your race report. Congratulations girl!! Sonds like you had a great race. I loved all your pictures. You totally came in right at the height of your goal! Way to go girl! I wish I had some good advice for you about those pesky side stiches. I get them sometimes too and i can never trace them to anything.

    Both those races sound so fun. Why not do both?! I want to do the Rock N Roll full one day. I've heard good thigns about it.

    p.s you totally make me crave Panera!

  3. "I feel like it’s long enough to still be a great accomplishment, but short enough to keep my attention span"

    That's totally how I feel lol. I like your goals. I'm working on some of my own,

    Cute cute cute pics of Sadie.

  4. Sounds like some great goals... and there's a half marathon at Disney this spring, you should do that one and then I could see ya and train and run with ya, LOL!!!! :)

  5. Let's talk about that half in the morning:) I would need your help with a training plan!!