Graduation Day!!

Today was my younger brother’s college graduation! He graduated from the University of Memphis! Go Tigers!! I have a lot of pictures to share with you!! I also want to say thanks to the guy sitting in front of me watching Transformers on his IPhone. Kept me entertained for the 2 hour long graduation! Haha :)



This is my brother Josh, the 2009 college graduate!!



My brother and parents :)



Josh and I, notice my fun headband with bow! More on that later!


After graduation we walked to The Flying Saucer for lunch. Here’s my plate:



I got a veggie wrap that had lettuce, Swiss, onions, tomato, avocado, peppers, and balsamic drizzle with chips and salsa. I ate half the wrap and about 3/4 the chips and salsa! Very good!!

I also tried a Blueberry Beer!


This is a Seadog Blueberry. I have seen Blueberry Beer on other food blogs before and have really been wanting to try it, so when I saw they had it on the menu, I had to get it!! The verdict?? Delish!! Absolutely LOVED it!! Will definitely be getting this again!



Here is Josh with his German Beer Flight.


After lunch, we went back to my parent’s house and had cake!!



A Memphis cake of course!! This cake was from Kroger and it was actually really good! The frosting was so yummy! I had a small piece with some chocolate chunk ice cream.

It was a fun day and I am so proud of my brother! Congrats Josh! Love you!!

I bought a fun headband the other day at Ann Taylor Loft, and knew it would go perfectly with the outfit I planned to wear to the graduation this morning.



It’s basically just a black headband with a big leopard print bow on the side!! It’s so fun to wear!! I feel so trendy wearing it and I am so NOT trendy at all! Haha :)



Cute right?? Unfortunately it hurt my head after wearing it for a while so I am going to work on stretching it out a bit!!

No running for me this morning, but I did get up extra early to fit in this 20 minute bootcamp workout! It was another GREAT one!! Thanks Bobbi!!

How’s everyone’s weekend going? Anyone getting snow? I hear it’s pretty bad up in the northeast!! Hope everyone stays safe and has a GREAT rest of the weekend!!


  1. Very cute headband!

  2. Congrats to your brother!

  3. Congrats to your brother, so exciting!!!! LOVE the headband!!