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This weekend at work was SO SLOW!! I guess that's a good thing though! Last night after work, a bunch of us went to Hueys to eat. I LOVE Huey's, especially their cheese fries! It's so bad for my healthy eating diet! Haha but I can't resist. I normally get a turkey burger, and they are o so good but last night I decided to try a veggie burger. It was AWFUL! I will definitely stick to my turkey burger instead!

Tonight is the Memphis Bloggy meet up! I am so excited! Plus I have been craving Chili's chips and salsa since we set this dinner up! I haven't been to Chili's in forever. I think it's gonna be so fun!

I had to get my run in kind of early this morning because I have lunch plans, then grocery shopping, then weed killing in my yard, then dinner so I have a fun filled day! I did my hilly 3.1 mile route again and it as great! My trusty Garmin told me I ran about 10:14 min miles which was better than my 10:30 min miles last time! Yay! Improvement is so nice! I am hoping it increase my long run this week to at least 3.5 miles maybe 4 if I am feeling up to it. We will see!! I tried to start watching Twillight last night but I was too tired so hopefully I can fit that in today! I can't wait to see it! Hope everyone has an awesome day! And for you Memphis girls, see ya'll tonight!

Circuit Training

I decided today I would try out some circuit training that Bobbi at NHerShoes posted about the other day. Since I have a treadmill and a workout bench, I was good to go. You could always do this at the gym too!! I sprinted for 2 minutes, then did a couple minutes worth of crunches, lunges, or squats, then repeated it for 30 minutes!! Man it was rough! I was drenched with sweat when I finished and my legs feel very tired! I am hoping to work up to an hour, maybe by adding one 2 min sprint session each week. But it was fun to mix it up! Great workout!

On another note, I am so sad Memphis lost last night. That totally kills my bracket, I'm done :(
Oh well, maybe next year!!

I am supposed to be getting Twillight today from Netflix and am so excited to watch it! Al even said he wanted to see it which really surprised me! Not sure if we will watch that tonight or not. We had talked about maybe going out to a movie. I'm fine with either one!! Hope everyone is having a great day!

Happy Birthday Sadie!!

Today is my pup's 2nd Birthday!! So I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADIE!! My life wouldn't be the same without you! I love you pup!! Here are some pics of her today on her 2nd birthday!!

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?!?!

Penne with Spicy Chicken Alfredo

Ok here is the yummy recipe for my Spicy Chicken Alfredo! It's super simple too! I usually just pair it with a salad and good glass of wine!!

Penne with Spicy Chicken Alfredo

8oz whole wheat penne
1 jar Alfredo sauce (I usually use Bertolli)
I can diced tomatoes with basil, garlic, and oregano
1 TBSP Italian Seasoning
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes ( I just shake and shake until I think it's spicy enough!)
cooked chicken, cut up (usually 1-2 breasts)
1 can sliced black olives, drained
shredded parmesan cheese for topping

1. Cook pasta according to pkg directions. Drain, return to pot, cover.
2. Meanwhile in med. saucepan, combine alfredo sauce, tomatoes, italian seasoning, red pepper flakes, olives, and cooked chicken over med heat. Bring to a simmer, cook 10 mins.
3. Serve hot over cooked pasta, top with parmesan cheese.

Here are some pics!!

The ingredients

Served with a salad! Very easy and I always have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day!!

I am so proud of myself!!

Sometimes you just gotta feel proud for yourself! Today I ran 3.1 miles!! I am very happy about this. I knew I wanted my long run for this week to be 3 miles but was going to do it Friday until I saw the weather forecast... storming all day on Friday! And knowing there is no way I would do it on my treadmill, I headed out to do 3 miles today. I was kind of weary since my legs were very sore from soccer and running yesterday. I am ALWAYS sore after soccer! I must really use some different muscles than I normally do! I must have been in a motivated mood because not only did I decide to do my 3 miler today when I was sore, but I also decided to do it on a very hilly route!! I just kept telling myself, "you can do this", and I did! It ended up being 3.1 when I finally got to my house and looked at my Garmin. I did about a 10:30 pace according to my Garmin watch. Not too shabby, not where I ultimately want to be but hey, this is my first 3 miler post ankle injury!! I am glad tomorrow is an off day because my legs are pretty sore:)

On another note, how many of ya'll have really big sweet tooth's?? I do and I am really wanting to cut back on the sweets I eat. I just feel the need to have something sweet after lunch and dinner! I don't know when or why this started but I have been doing it for quite some time. Most of the time chocolate is what I crave! So my question is, what are some healthier alternatives to candy, cookies, ice cream etc. that you like to eat as your dessert? And if you have kicked your sweet tooth habit, please tell how!!

I am making spicy chicken alfredo for dinner tonight! YUM! One of my favorite pasta dishes and I generally don't like alfredo! I will post pics and the recipe later on:)

Morning Eats!!

I have recently started reading some running blogs, and let me tell you, PURE MOTIVATION!!! One in particular, NHerShoes, has great running, workout and healthy eating advice! Ya'll should check it out!! So, every morning she always makes this awesome bowl of oats! I see the pics and my mouth just waters! So I thought I would try to create some oats similar to hers! I don't have all the stuff she uses and of course it's different every day but here is my take and I thought I would share!!

This morning I used:
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup H2O
granola on top
dash of vanilla extract
pinch of brown sugar
It was a pretty good mix! I have also used almond butter and yogurt in my oats and that's very yummy too! The almond milk is a new discovery and is very yummy in my oats!!
I am trying to get on a healthier kick, more whole foods, less processed and lots of veggies!! I have no problem with eating a bunch of fruit but veggies is where I tend to lack!! You can definitely tell the difference when you eat all the right food for your body!! What healthy foods do ya'll like to eat??

Soccer in the rain!!

I had so much fun tonight playing soccer in the rain!! We ended up winning too!! It is so fun to have a reason to actually be out playing in the rain! And it wasn't a cold rain either!! I played very well, am pretty proud of myself! I got a lot of playing time too so my body is very tired from running and soccer in one day!! But a good tired of course... :)

When I was driving home tonight, there were frogs everywhere!! How could I notice frogs as I was driving home you may ask? Because they were jumping up right in front of my car! And I am talking like at least 20 frogs jumping up in front of my car on the way home! And a family of deer decided to cross right in the middle of the road too! Good thing I am a good driver and know when to slam my brakes on! Haha. Guess the rain brings out the animals!!


Had a great run today, did 2 miles like I had planned. My legs felt very tired so I made sure to stretch really well when I got home! Hopefully I will still have a soccer game tonight, and it won't get rained out! We will see! Did some arm work also. I'm kind of boring today, have just sat around the whole afternoon! I did watch a movie, Changeling with Angelina Jolie. Very good! Ya'll should check it out! How has everyone else's day been?

Why I never buy ice cream and swap stuff!!

I forgot the reason I never buy ice cream.... because I eat 2 bowls at a time! I bought some cookie dough ice cream at the store today and could not just eat one bowl after dinner, I had to go back for a second. No wonder I haven't bought ice cream in a long time!

I meant to post this a couple days ago but have been busy! So here is what I got from the springtime swap from the lovely LAUREN KELLY!!!

So cute, right?!? Thanks girl! Hope you like your stuff:)


After doing a million loads of laundry, I decided it was time for my run. I did 2.5 miles on my hilly route. I would say this particular route is 75% hills! It was a great workout! My legs were screaming! I have a love/hate relationship with hills. I really enjoy running them because it breaks up the monotony of running and my thinking is if you go up you must come down! Haha, but it also makes my runs tougher! And I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but mentally sometimes it can be no fun! But I really enjoyed my run today, I felt very productive. I did a little ab workout before hand too. Tomorrow I have soccer at night, but I am also planning to do 2 miles in the am. I might throw in a little arm work too, guess we will see!! The weather was so nice today!! Overcast and in the 70's!! Yay, I love this weather. I really enjoy running in warm weather (not HOT) because I feel like I worked extra hard since I get so sweaty and my face gets beat red! Gross I know but that's how I feel! Haha. Now, when the temps get in the 90's with crazy heat indexes, that's when I wish for cool weather! Plus that means I have to get up extra early on my days off to run before the scorching heat appears. Oh the joys of Memphis summer! How was everyone's Monday?? Was the weather nice where you are?


I am so motivated this morning to clean! Why you may ask?? Because my house is a wreck!! And it's not all from me, the BF is very messy whenever he is here! I have confined his stuff to one of the guest bedrooms which will now be "his man room" but it still seems messy everywhere! I am not going to attempt to even enter his man room! Haha. But I have tackled the kitchen and dishwasher, cleaned out the pantry and refridgerator, and am currently working on loads after loads of laundry! I still need to do both bathrooms and all the floors. At least I am off for 3 days!!

Not to mention my yard. It looks awful! I didn't know weeds could grow so much. I put the weed killer down this fall and they still grew. I put the weed killer down about 2 weeks ago and they didn't die, they keep growing! Help! Does anyone know what else I can do?? I am planning on mowing it tomorrow so they don't look so bad, but I am hoping this is the right thing to do. I really don't want to shell out the $$ for a lawn service so any ideas or suggestions would be wonderful! I would post a pic but it's too embarrassing! Haha.

Sadie is also VERY stinky and needs a bath!! That will be done later today after I run and take her for a walk. I am trying to plan out meals for the week so I only have to hit the grocery store once a week. Last week worked out well but I still bought too much food! I am bad about that and end up having to throw a bunch of stuff away! I guess practice makes perfect!! I will post later on about my run today. Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!!

Bummer, Running, and Basketball!

Unfortunately, both of the bathing suits I posted this morning are now out of my size. Figures... Oh well, not like I need one right now anyway. I have time to keep looking:) Thanks for all of ya'lls helpful comments!! I really appreciate it:)

My run today was GREAT!! The weather was so nice, and the breeze felt great. I decided to try to up my mileage and ended up running 2.6 miles! Yay! I was also running faster than my last couple of runs, about a 9:50 min mile, according to my Garmin. I am very happy with that. When I got back, I also did a little ab work. I am really enjoying a lot of the running blogs that I have found. They are so motivating!!

March Madness is GREAT! I have been watching it all day:). I'm sad Tennessee lost because I had them winning but that was a really good game! My bracket isn't looking too bad either. So far I did pretty well with my pics.

What is everyone doing tonight?? I am having dinner with the girls at one of our usual spots, Old Venice! YUM! Hope everyone is having a HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Opinions PLEASE!!

OK, so I have posted 2 previous bathing suits that I ordered and neither of them worked out. The first was too big and the 2nd was cancelled because they ran out. So I am trying one more time to order a swim suit and hoping that the 3rd time is the charm:) There are 2 on sale at JCREW that I am trying to decide between and I need ya'lls help!! They are both the same price, on sale, and I have to order it today to get an extra 20% off!! So which one do you like best??

Love the color and the rings on the sides of the bottoms!!

I really like this one too! Love the yellow polka dots! So let me know which on ya'll would pick. Thanks for the help!!

Short Little Post

This is going to be short and sweet because I am exhausted from work!

1. Yay for Memphis winning today! Not sure how all my other teams did in my bracket, will have to check that out tomorrow.

2. I have a fun day planned tomorrow! Breakfast and dinner with friends!!

3. Please pray for my BF, he is having some work issues that he needs to figure out. It is stressful not only on him but me also because I can see how unhappy he is in his current work situation. Please pray that God will provide for him and let him be happy:)

Thanks everyone!!

Tuesday and Wednesday!!

Happy LATE St. Patty's day to everyone!!! I was too busy at work yesterday to post and didn't end up getting home until 1am last night from the post soccer game festivities!! We had a GREAT game last night! We won! I think the score was 4-1 or 5-1. I lost track after about the 3rd goal! Haha. We then went to our usual post game spot, East End Grille, and had dinner and drinks! Yum!! It was so much fun!!(Obviously, I didn't get home until 1am, I never do that!)

I was a little nervous to do my run today because my left knee is hurting from my game last night. I probably just twisted it wrong, but hurts to walk. It's more of a "tight" feeling, especially when I get up after I've been sitting. But since we have the MOST PERFECT weather today, I decided to give it a shot! I ended up running my planned 2 miles and the knee didn't hurt once while I was running! Yay! It hurts now, but I did my run and that's all that matters! Haha. I'm sure it will be better by tomorrow. I also did some ab work, 200 crunches. I don't do straight crunches, I mix it up. Some on the ground,n some on the ball, some for my obliques, etc. It always makes me sore the next day!

Tonight I am going to The Grizzlies game with my mom! I am very excited, I love Basketball. And speaking of basketball, I need to fill out my bracket before tomorrow! Yay for March Madness! Memphis is going all the way! Since I am working tomorrow, I will have the games on in my pts rooms so I can watch! Haha. That's what we did last year too!! Hope everyone is having a GREAT day and enjoying this beautiful SPRING weather!

Yummy Recipe!!

I have another recipe for ya'll! I got this off Kelly's Korner. Click here for the recipe. It is called Swiss Stuffing Chicken and it was so easy and yummy!! Here are some pics:

Right out of the oven!!

I made frozen veggies with Balsamic drizzle to go with it! I just got a steamfresh bag of frozen veggies, microwaved them, then mixed up a balsamic drizzle to go on top! I make my balsamic drizzle with EVOO, Balsamic Vinegar, minced garlic, dijon mustard, salt and pepper. I just put it all together to taste, I don't measure anything out. But it makes veggies VERY yummy!! Hope ya'll enjoy this one:)

Monday, monday

I ran another 2 miles again today:) It was a hillier route and I ran it 30 seconds faster than yesterday. According to my Garmin, I averaged a 10:15 pace, not too bad just coming back! I ran my half marathon a couple years ago at a 9:45 pace and I would like to get back there. We'll see... After my run, I did a strength workout (arms and legs) and some abs. My arms were so tired afterwards I could barely hold my blow dryer up to blow dry my hair! Haha. Tomorrow I work all day then have a soccer game so that will be my work out for the day!

I am looking forward to St. Patty's day tomorrow! I normally could care less about this holiday but after our soccer games we go out and eat/drink so I'm sure it will be extra fun tomorrow night!

I am totally loving my car but not excited that my insurance went up. That's not fun!

Tomorrow at work is going to totally suck. We are switching from paper charting to computer charting and it is going to be awful! Ya'll are probably thinking, computer charting sounds like it would be better, but it's definitely not! When you have a sick pt., it's a lot easier to bring your paper chart around with you, to MRI, CT, etc. And in emergency situations, it is so much easier to jot stuff down on paper than it is to log in and find the right place to type it out. It is just going to cause us to write our stuff on paper and then take it to a computer and chart it. Ugh. This will be the death of me, I just know it! Haha, but I did make cookies to bring to work tomorrow so maybe it won't be so bad... Hope everyone is having a great Monday! What is everyone watching on TV tonight??

Kreativ Blog!!

I got another blog award!! Yay!! I am a few days late posting this but better late than never right?!? I got the Kreativ Blog award from Sweet Melissa! Ya'll need to definitely check her blog out! She is awesome:) Thanks for the award girl!!

Here are the award rules:List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard letting the whole world know...you are Kreativ!

1. I love my God!!
2. My family and friends!
3. Al, the love of my life, and Sadie, my dog daughter!!
4. Sweet tea!
5. The lake and wake boarding! I can't wait for summer:)
6. Running and soccer!
7. my new car!!

Ok, so I am passing this along to:

Sunday Run

I had a GREAT run today! The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold and no wind! I ran out at my parents house after church today. I ran 2 miles! Yay! I am very happy that I am continuing to increase my mileage:) I revamped my running playlist and that definitely keeps me going! I also am trying to do more crunches and ab work so after my run I did 100 crunches. I was going to do 200 but I was still sore from doing 200 on Thursday! I am planning another 2 miler tomorrow and hopefully some weights and abs also.

I am really enjoying my weekend off! It has been so nice to spend time with my family and go to church today. I can't wait until school starts in July so I can have my weekends back!! But I also really like the atmosphere at work on the weekends so I am not complaining. It's just nice to have one off every so often:)

My car is so fun to drive! It's so different from driving my Yukon. I love it! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

The New Car!!!

I bought a car today!! Let me start off by saying, I am NOT fond of car salesmen! They were stressing me out! After we went to a couple of dealerships, we headed over to City Auto where we always end up buying our cars. They are always so laid back and have great deals, plus a huge selection of cars. And of course, this is where I found my new car! When I first laid eyes on it, I knew it was the ONE (corny, I know). I test drove it and it was a done deal. Plus my dad negotiated an awesome deal and they gave me over $2,000 more on my trade in than the other dealerships were offering! So I basically feel like I struck the jackpot! Haha. So I won't leave ya'll hangin anymore, here are the pics of my new ride!!

It is a 2006 Nissan Maxima in Charcoal Gray with light Gray leather interior!
Fully loaded with a sunroof and everything! I have never had a sunroof so that is sooo exciting for me!
I had to get light interior since I tote my dog everywhere with me and I don't want hair to show.
I love it!
I can't believe how clean it is. I don't think anyone has ever sat in the backseat!! I am in LOVE:)


I am going car shopping today!! I am so excited:) It will probably be an all day event so I will let ya'll know how it went later on tonight! Hope everyone has a GREAT Saturday!!

Great recipe!

Ok, I know this is my THIRD post for the day, but I had to share this recipe I made for dinner:)

Crescent Roll Taco Bake

1 pkg crescent rolls
ground beef or turkey, browned and mixed with taco seasoning
1 cup crushed tortilla chips
8 oz sour cream
8 oz shredded cheese
chopped onion- I cook this with the meat

Toppings: tomatoes, lettuce, hot sauce, avocado, etc.

Preheat oven to 375. Roll out crescent rolls into 13x9 baking dish(I sprayed Pam in the dish so it wouldn't stick). Layer 1/2cup tortilla chips, taco meat, 1/2cup tortilla chips, sour cream, and shredded cheese. Bake for 22 minutes and top with desired toppings. This is soooo good! Check out the pics below.
Ground Turkey and onions mixed with taco seasoning

All layered up!

Just out of the oven!

I topped mine with taco bell sauce, tomatoes, avocado, and baby spinach! It was yummy! And so easy too:)

MixMyGranola Giveaway!!

NHerShoes is giving away a $20 gift card to mixmygranola! It looks so fun! You can make up your own granola recipe, name it, and they ship it to you! How awesome is that?!? Ya'll definitely check it out!

Treadmill Woes and Veggies!

Like I thought last night, I was stuck running inside on the dreadmill (ie treadmill) today since it was freezing and raining. Hot rain I don't mind running in but not freezing cold rain! Anyway, I have a treadmill at my house that I bought a little before Christmas for this very reason. But I am NOT a fan of running on the treadmill at all! I have it positioned right where I can see the TV, so I have plenty to keep my mind occupied but for some reason my eyes are glued to the distance and timer. I hate that. Plus, running on the treadmill seems harder to me. I know it's supposed to be opposite, but I run slower on the treadmill and tire out more easily. Does anyone else have this problem? I set my incline at 1-1.5, which is supposed to simulate outside running so it's not that making me tire more easily. And, what is the consensus on the accurateness of the mileage counter? Because if it's correct ,I am running at least a minute slower on the treadmill than I do outside and that just doesn't seem right! But anyway, I am going to stop complaining and be happy that I have one to do my running on in bad weather. I went 1.25 miles and then did a strength workout for arms and legs. I am definitely gonna be sore tomorrow!

I've decided I am going to try to eat more veggies. I hardly eat any at all and I want to be more healthy! I love fruit so that's not a problem but the veggies are. I went to Whole Foods today and picked up a bunch of fruits, veggies, and greek yogurt, along with some granola, almond butter, and oddawalla bars. I am also going to try to eat more protein because I am sure I don't get enough of that either. I got motivated to do this after reading NHerShoes blog. She is so healthy and a great runner so that is what I am striving towards!! Ya'll definitely need to check it out:)

Running on Wednesday

I did decide to tough it out and run outside today! I went 1.5 miles without stopping, which is what I had planned on! It was tough though. I hate the cold and the wind and they were conspiring against me today! Plus, I could feel my sore muscles from my soccer game last night! I am always sore the day after soccer, guess I don't use the same muscles as I usually do to play soccer! I also did some ab work after I ran. Unfortunately, it looks like I might be running on the treadmill tomorrow because we have a winter weather advisory. But you never know, it might be fine outside tomorrow! I guess I will just wait and see!!


Yesterday was a VERY busy day! I worked 12 hours, then went straight to my soccer game, and then went out with the team after! Needless to say, I woke up at 5am yesterday and didn't get to bed until 1am! Man I was exhausted!

We won our soccer game yesterday! Yay!! 2-0. I felt like I played better , got the ball a lot more, but still not up to 100%. But my ankle felt good the entire game, which was nice! Plus, we had 7 girls last night so we had lots of subs! In coed, we have to at least have 4 girls on the field at a time and last year we only had 5 girls total, so if someone couldn't come to a game, we were playing the entire game! This happened a whole lot. So it is so nice to have more girls playing this season!!

I am working on a new running playlist for my Ipod shuffle and need some suggestions. What songs do ya'll like to work out to??

Today is such an ugly day:( We had GREAT weather the past 3 days and now its 40 degrees and they are talking about sleet tonight. YUCK. I am debating whether or not to run outside today or on the treadmill. I'm leaning towards the treadmill since it's cold and rainy but we will see. I will post on that later today!!

Great Weather Monday!

Today we had wonderful weather! And most importantly, my favorite RUNNING weather! It was about 75 degrees when I set out to do my run today:) For some reason, actually I know what reason, the competitive side of me feels the need to try to increase my mileage every time I run since I am at such a low mileage right now. And the practical side of me knows that it's probably not good to increase my mileage on EVERY run. I keep telling myself, the 10% rule, but my competitive side is winning! Haha. Anyway, so I didn't really have a goal set for myself today, just wanted to run a little farther than I did on Friday. And I did! I ran 1.5 miles! Now I realize that's only 0.25 miles longer but who cares, its longer! I felt great too! No ankle trouble! I was still a little sore from all the lunges and squats I did on Friday and I could definitely feel the soreness as I ran up the hills. But overall I feel good about my progress since I've only been back at it like a week and a half. Tomorrow I have a soccer game so that will be my running for the day. Hope everyone got to get out and enjoy the weather!

PS: I am in the process of making a new running playlist! Yea!
PPS: Some of you have been asking for the recipe I use to make the Red Velvet Cake Balls. Click here.

Three Words

Mounted Deer Antlers...In my garage...

Apparently someone (Al) thinks they belong here...

I think not! Ha!

Rascal Flatts concert and Friday

The Rascal Flatts concert was AMAZING last night! Probably the best concert I have ever been to! They played so many old songs with a good mix of new ones. There was not a song I wanted them to play that they didn't. So, if this concert is coming to your city, definitely go! It is SO worth it! Jessica Simpson opened up for them and lets just say...AWFUL! She didn't sing very well, made crazy faces while she was singing, wore a hideous outfit, and was so ditsy!! I know she is know for being an airhead and I have watched probably every episode of Newlyweds, but she is worse in real life! Ugh, I was so ready for her to get off that stage! I used to really like her music but am not loving her country music at all. She sang a few of her old songs and tried to "twang" them up to sound more country. Big mistake!! But Rascal Flatts made up for her performance 100%! Definitely go see them!! Their new cd comes out April 7th, can't wait! Here are some pics from the concert:

Me and Patti waiting for the show to start!

We had really good seats!

They had an awesome stage and effects!

This is what they closed with!

Moving on, I have been very busy today!! I got up, ran outside, then did legs and abs. I ran 1 1/4 mile today! I know, not very far but much farther than earlier this week! I'm movin up! I then went to Walmart to tackle the weed and feed situation again. For those of you who have not read that story, click here. So apparently they now have smaller bags of weed and feed, ones that I could actually lift! So I purchased those and used the spreader to spread over my front and back yard. Then I decided I wanted to make Red Velvet Cake Balls again to bring to work with me in the morning! So as of now, I am waiting for those to harden in the refrigerator. So my day has been full! Looking forward to making dinner and relaxing with a glass of wine tonight! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

One more thing... Bloggy Book Club!!

I came across this blog, La Belle Vie, and she is starting a bloggy book club! What a fun idea! Ya'll go check it out! The more the merrier!

My first Blog Award and New Car Ideas!!

I got my first Blog Award today from the lovely Meggers!! This is so exciting!! Thanks girl!!

The challenge is to list ten not so cute things about yourself. So here it goes...

1. I don't have very cute feet because of all the calluses I accumulate from running!! Doesn't really bother me anymore, but don't think Al likes it too much! Haha

2.I absolutely LOVE to sing but I am horrible! I sing so loudly when I am all by myself, especially in the car. I am one of those people who you see rocking out in their cars like no one is around!

3. I am not a clean freak when it comes to cleaning bathrooms. I will let it get dirtier and dirtier until there comes a point where I see things that should NOT be growing in my bathroom, then I clean it! Gross, I know.

4. I could care less what I look like when I run or play soccer. I'm sure I look awful most of the time! Haha

5. I could wear jeans and a Tshirt or my pj's everyday for the rest of my life. Al doesn't enjoy this much either!

6. I have no self control when eating sweets, especially brownies! I will eat and eat until I feel sick!

7. I love ketchup on everything! Fries, eggs, sandwiches, you name it ketchup goes on it!

8. I have semi -oily hair and if I don't wash it everyday you can start seeing the oiliness, but sometimes I don't care and wash my hair everyother day! That's what ponytails are for!

9. My left ankle that I hurt a few months ago is still pretty swollen. I think I will have a cankle for life on that side! Haha

10. I am NOT a germaphobe whatsoever, and you think I would be with all the funk and germs I see on a daily basis at work!

Now, I'm going to pass this along to:

Melissa at Sweet Melissa

Whitney at That Girl

Robyn and Rockin Robyn

Have fun girls!!

Movin on... I have decided to buy a new car and need some input from ya'll!! Here is some background first... I absolutely LOVE my Yukon I have now. Unfortunately it has 135,000 miles on it and I don't foresee it making it through my 2 1/2 years of anesthesia school coming up. I had planned on driving the Yukon until it died, but now I'm thinking that might not be a good idea seeing that I will be living on student loans for the next 2 1/2 years. So I am thinking I should go ahead and buy one now! I am looking at used cars, somewhere around 15k or less. I am definitely an suv girl, but I think it would be smart for me to get a smaller car to save on gas while I'm in school. So, I have been looking at the following cars:

2005-2006 Honda Accord

2005-2006 Nissan Altima

2006-2007 Honda Civic Hybrid

Ok girls, I need input. I have friends who have all 3 of these cars and I have heard great things. I am kind of leaning towards the honda civic hybrid! The only issue with that is it will probably be the most expensive and slightly harder to find! But I think it would be great to have! My friend who has this car absolutely loves it and hardly ever has to fill her gas tank up! Plus the inside of the car is really neat looking too! So which one do ya'll like best or is there another car you would recommend? I'm definitely open to other options!!

Giveaways, Swaps, Running, and Rascal Flatts!!

Like many of you, I really like giveaways! They are so fun and exciting! I mean, who doesn't like to win stuff? So I found another one, I know, 2 for the day. This one is a giveaway of Swoozies items!! I love Swoozies! So check out According to Ashley and enter in this awesome giveaway!!

Another great idea that many of my bloggy friends are doing is swaps! Now, I love getting snail mail and packages and rarely do, so this is totally fun!! Whitney over at That Girl is doing a Spring swap! Ya'll definitely need to check it out! Should be a blast and you will get some fun, springy stuff!!

So I am officially back to running, post ankle injury. As I posted about before, I started back about 2 weeks ago and had some issues with my ankle, so I gave it a little more time to heal and now, I AM BACK! Yea! So I am a little sad about where I am starting at because I HATE building my base but when you have been off for over 3 months you have to start from scratch. So my run today was this:
7 minutes running/2mins walking
8 minutes running/2mins walking
3 minutes running for a total of 2 miles
And man was I worn out! I am so out of shape!! I absolutely HATE, HATE, HATE run/walking but I have to do it to start now. I just feel like when I walk, I am cheating. And usually once I start walking, I can't get back into my groove, so when I train for longer distances I never walk. So I am torn on this. I think run/walk is one of the better ways to get my base built up and easy to push myself with, but I don't like it at all!! But my ankle feels FINE! YEA! That is the most important thing! So tomorrow I am planning on running and doing some weight/ab work.
Next topic...Rascal Flatts! So I know when ya'll all hear this, that green monster of jealousy will rear its ugly, little head but I'm gonna say it anyway. I am SO excited about the Rascal Flatts concert tomorrow night!! I have been waiting to see them for years!! Last time I missed out because no one could/would go with me but this time my friend Patti and I are goin!! I am very interested to see how Jessica Simpson does opening up for them. I haven't heard any of her new country stuff so it should be interesting! I will definitely post about the concert and how it was so be ready! I hope ya'll are having a great day:)

Another Great Giveaway!

Go check out Misadventures of a Newlywed for a great tote giveaway!!

A few words about The Bachelor

This isn't going to be long since I know everyone watched the 3 hour episode of The Bachelor tonight! I am very disappointed in what happened! I was so excited when he picked Melissa, they seemed so genuinely happy, brought a tear to my eye. Then, what came on the After the Final Rose show was seriously appalling! I mean, I understand he is following his heart and all but was it really necessary to dump Melissa on TV? I don't think so! Evil is more like it!! I'm glad Melissa gave it to him like he deserved! He was lucky Molly still felt the same way about him! I do hope they are happy, I just don't like the way things went on, makes me very sad and heart broken for Melissa! What are ya'lls thoughts??

Bad Girls of the Bible

I started my new study on the Bad Girls of the Bible today. The first chapter was on Eve. It was really great! I'm probably most familiar with Eve's story since it is in the very first book of the Bible! But there were great points and discussion questions that really got me thinking. The author even had a short story with similar sin temptations that takes place in present day. So it was really neat how you could relate to the temptation that Eve felt. I also really liked how it referenced other verses in the Bible that had to do with Eve's story. One thing I really took away was how often we blame others for our sins. Adam blamed Eve right away for giving him the forbidden fruit to eat and he also blamed God for putting Eve in the garden with him to tempt him. And Eve blamed the serpent for tempting her to eat the fruit. It's so hard for us to take blame for our own sins and hiding from these sins because we are ashamed or embarassed is sin in itself. It just really helped me to realize how important it is to take responsibility for all my sins and actions, even ones that I am ashamed of and repent them to God. Because he will forgive us no matter what! God is awesome!!

Weekend Recap

I am very glad this weekend is over!! Work was SO SLOW on Saturday and CRAZY today! I feel like I worked my tail off! We got a lot of snow on Saturday and it was very pretty to watch from the window at work. Wish I could have played in it! My puppy Sadie had a blast, according to my mom, since she stayed with her all weekend!

So, I live a good distance away from work, about 40 minutes or so, and snow does not make that a fun drive! It only took me about 10 minutes longer to get home on Saturday night until I reached my drive way. Now, I guess people in my neighborhood don't go anywhere on the weekends because there was hardly any tire marks in the snow! This made it very hard to maneuver through the neighborhood! Then, when I got to my cove it was even worse! My driveway is on a slight incline, no major hill or anything, so I head up my driveway and get stuck not even 4 feet up. So I put it in reverse and go back down then try to go faster back up the drive. Well same thing. When I gave it gas, my rear would just swing to the side. Now, its not like I have a small car! I drive a Yukon, too bad it isn't 4 wheel drive! That would have been very useful this weekend! So I proceed to back up and floor it up my drive way for about 10 minutes and then decide this obviously isn't working. But there was NO WAY I was leaving my car in the street to ice over when I had to get back up in the early morning and go back to work. So I think to myself that I need to shovel this snow off my driveway. The only problem is, I have no shovel. So I take my mop (yes, my MOP!) and proceed to sweep the snow from side to side. No telling what my neighbors where thinking! I bet it was a sight to see! So after I "mopped" most of the snow to the side of the driveway, I continued to go up and down my driveway until I landed in the garage! FINALLY! Luckily, I didn't have much of an issue backing out today. However, I will say, most of my drive this morning was on solid ice! So scary! I drove 20 mph the whole way! It took me an hour and a half to get to work! I am SO GLAD the roads were clear tonight!! And I must say, my arm and back muscles are so sore from "mopping" the snow off my driveway! What a great workout! Ha!!