I can’t believe it’s been 7 years!

Those we Al’s words to me on the phone today! It sure doesn’t feel like it should be our 7 year Anniversary! Wow, time flies! I scanned some pics of us from back in the day so sorry about the quality!!


This is us at my Winterfest dance my senior year of High School!


This is us going to my Senior Prom!


This is us in Destin at one of my BFF’s weddings! Love the water in the background!


This is Christmas 2005 at my parents house


This is us on Valentine’s Day this past year! This is the most recent photo I have!!

Aren’t we so cute! I think we look the same as we did 7 years ago! Guess we will age well! Ha!

Still not sure what we will do tonight, Al is still at work:( I’m hoping he will get off early and we can go eat somewhere good!! Hope ya’ll enjoyed this!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  2. Cute pics and happy anniversary!

  3. congrats!! 7 years is a really long time!

  4. Cute pics! Happy anniversary!!

  5. Love the photos!

  6. Congratulations! Dont you just love strolling down memory lane? ;)

  7. Happy Anniversary! We just had our 7 years in May too!!

  8. Congratulations. 7 years is a long time....but you aren't married yet? You guys are a great looking couple!

    The last post you asked about hill repeats. You should practice running up hills AND down. Downhills are acutally really hard on your body. I always count the downhills.

  9. happy 7 years!
    you two do look practically the same as ya did years ago!
    you are an adorable couple! :)

  10. That's sweet. You do both look the same. Enjoy your special day/evening.

  11. Sooooo sweet! Loved the pics. Happy Anniversary!!! :O)

  12. hope you had a fabulous anniversary!

  13. Awwww :) Seven years is such a long time, you should feel so happy that you are a great enough couple to make it that long! I loved the pics, hope you celebrated it like you wanted to :)