Weekend Recap!!

I am back to reality, unfortunately! I had a great time at the lake for the last couple days!! I got to see lots of family members and show off my engagement ring too!! Ha ha. I got to wakeboard some on Sunday before the lake got too busy. The weather is crazy!! It was actually kind of chilly until mid day when the sun came out! Definitely didn’t feel like the middle of July! More like October!! But the chilliness is a nice break from the scorching heat and humidity!

I did get a run in, I knew I would that’s why I brought my clothes “just in case”!! I did an all hilly 3 miler! Literally all hills! I love that though! Sure kills your legs and butt!! I had to keep telling myself, “come on legs, just get up that hill and then you can go down it!!” Ha! My foot feels much better. I made sure to stretch and ice after my run.

Other than playing on the lake and running, I did a lot of eating great food and chatting with the family! So sad I had to come home today:( And what really sucks is that the class I was coming home for tonight got cancelled!! And they didn’t tell us until I was just about home. I could have stayed another day at the lake… Bummer. I was so pissed. Oh well, I got a lot of cleaning done and some school work. I also did my grocery shopping and mowing my yard for the week! I was very productive after my drive home today!!

How was everyone’s weekend? Do anything fun??


  1. Yay, lake! I'm impressed that you got some work done at home instead of class!

  2. That stinks you had to come home early for nothing!

  3. Oooh, I know you loved showing that ring off! Ha!

  4. just found your bog! I spent the weekend with my love in breckenridge, :)

  5. Fun weekend, even if it got cut a little short...kind of! I hope you flashed that ring all over the place!

  6. Glad you had fun at the lake! And booo..I hate it when teachers do that!! It's so inconvenient! haha, i'd be showing that ring off too! :)

  7. Awww, sooooo fun, but stinks you had to come home early! I bet you are just loving that ring, haha! :)