Last Pre-Race Dinner of 2009

It’s so crazy that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe it is almost 2010! I still remember exactly what I did for New Years Eve in 2000! Y2K anyone? Haha :)

Since I am running my last race of 2009 tomorrow, I thought I would post about my last pre-race dinner of 2009!! I had to pick my packet up out by my parent’s house, so I decided to stay there for dinner :) Coincidentally (or not), they were having pasta for dinner!! Since they are my support team/ photographers for my race tomorrow, my mom may or may not have planned the pre-race carbo loading dinner! Haha!

We started off the evening with a beer tasting. Apparently, my dad bought some sort of Samuel Adams variety beer pack and had a special beer saved for me!! I let everyone else in on the beer tasting too! I’m not stingy :)


My dad knew how much I enjoyed the Seadog Blueberry Beer at The Flying Saucer after my brother’s graduation, that he thought I might enjoy this Blackberry Witbier! He was right!!


I had this pour X2. It was very good, had a nice blackberry flavor without being too sweet! Definitely something I would try again!!

And onto dinner…


I had a little bread and butter sample while I waited.. hehe:)


We had Cheese Ravioli,


salad, and garlic bread!


Now all together! With a little pour of Educated Guess Cabernet to wash it down! This dinner was great! Perfect pre-race meal! Great job mom!!

I may or may not have had a small slice of homemade pecan pie. No picture because I didn’t want to stop to take one! Ha!


I am excited about tomorrow’s race! The weather looks good, I am super familiar with the course, and my parents will be there to cheer me on! More people have signed up now, I think there were 66 people the last time I checked. That’s much better than 35!! I hope more continue to sign up!! I really don’t have a goal in mind for tomorrow. I just want to have fun and run it the best I can!! I am just excited to be ending 2009 with one last race!! I basically need a base 10k time so I can try to beat it with the 2 10k’s I have on the schedule for February! Ha!

And with that, I must go!! I have some blogs to catch up on and a book to finish! I will hopefully have my goals post up sometime tomorrow!! Have a wonderful night y’all!!


  1. That's so cool you get one last race in before the year end. Originally I thought it was on New Years Day. Fist pump - Good luck!

    p.s. (Jersey shore all the way!)

  2. Girl, we would get along great! I love Sam Adams!!

  3. YAY, good luck!!!! And girl, that dinner looked delish!!!! :)

  4. Best of luck on the race! So exciting! I also LOVE Seadogs blueberry beer :)

    P.s. Please vote for us, "Nicole & Daniel", ends tonight! Need as many votes as possible!
    Thanks girl!

  5. I'm loving the new camera. Much better!!

    I did speed work this morning and LOVED it!