First Day of 2010 = Success!!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope ya’ll had a great New Years Eve and New Years Day! We had a really low key NYE last night! I didn’t even make it until midnight! But don’t worry, I rang in the New Year with all the East Coasters at 11:00pm my time :) What can I say, I am an early to bed, early to rise kinda girl!!

I have been so lazy today! Literally, I’ve sat on the couch most of the day, which is so like me!! I needed it though because I have to start reading and preparing tomorrow for my classes staring Monday :(  Back to school… Is it June yet? Can’t wait for my next break because it will be wedding time! Wohoo!!

So other than being lazy, my day was a success because:

1. Started off my day with some Bible reading and prayer. I found a schedule that I’m going to follow to read the Bible in a year (thanks for the idea Erin!) and today I read Genesis 1 and 2 and Matthew 1. I really enjoyed my morning quiet time with God and am really looking forward to keeping on track and doing it everyday.

2. I started OhSheGlow’s Whittle My Middle Challenge 2! I started the first one a couple months ago but never finished. I really like these ab exercises much better than the first challenge, so I am planning on sticking it out the whole month! I took my measurements today so I will let ya’ll know if there are any changes at the end of the month!

3. I ate veggies with lunch and dinner!

4. I drank 48oz of water! Man that’s tough! I was constantly reminding myself to chug! But I’m sure it will become more natural after a few days and I am hoping my body feels better too!

5. I only ate dessert after dinner! It’s hard to not be constantly grabbing sweets like I’m used to! Especially since I still have some Christmas candy left that’s just sitting on the counter in plain sight!!

6. I made a monthly budget tonight and am going to track my spending in hopes of spending less and saving more! It works out on paper so hopefully it will in real life!!

I have an early morning run scheduled with Erin and then I have to take my car in to get some maintenance stuff done. Unfortunately, it’s going to be expensive :(  This isn’t cooperating with my new budget! Ha! And then tomorrow night, I am having my BFF and bridesmaid Katie over for a sleepover! Should be a fun time!! I hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!! How was your first day of 2010?


  1. I love that you're having a sleepover...those were so fun when we were little, why stop having them?

  2. Good for you girl.... only have 363more days to stick with this, haha!!!! :)

  3. Good for you and all of your great goals for 2010! I think that's great you're devoting some quiet time with God each day. I need to start doing that more often! I was sick this NYE so I actually babysatt and made some really good money! Was sad to be without the fiance though. Hope you have a wonderful start to the new year and it's going to be so fun seeing what progress you've made on the wedding planning front!