For The Love Of Sweets!

Hey friends!! Hope y’all had a GREAT day!! I’ve kept pretty busy!! This morning I worked on a take home test for a bit and then it was time to attempt my treadmill long run!! I armed myself with my DVR shows to watch: 24, One Tree Hill, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians!!

My run started out well, the first 3 miles were ok but definitely felt a little tougher than usual. This had me a bit worried!! I slowed my pace a bit and kept chugging along.Then, I started getting really tired, hot, and out of breath. Not normally how I feel when I run at all! I told myself, just get to 6 miles and you can do a long run on Thursday. That kept me going.  By this point, I was stopping after every mile or 2 to get a quick sip of water and then continued to truck on. I finally made it to mile 6 and talked myself into continuing my run. I just knew I could do it. I allowed myself water stops after every mile after that. My heart rate must have been through the roof because I could really feel it pounding hard! Every time I stopped to take a sip of water I felt so nauseous, but when I started running again I felt ok! Finally, I got to 8 miles and talked myself into 1 more mile, and I did it!! A total of 9 miles on the treadmill! Not too shabby, but boy was it tough! I have no clue what my time was but I know I got slower and slower! I felt awful on this run! After I finished I felt even worse. For about an hour after, I literally thought I was gonna throw up at any minute! I was so shaky and knew I needed food but definitely couldn’t stomach it, so I laid on my bed for a bit! Finally I was able to eat something, and of course, I was really wanting cereal!


1 cup Quaker Crack, 1/2 cup Soymilk, and blueberries. This sat pretty well with me but made me feel super full!!

Finally after a few hours, hunger peeked again and I had some Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn and some Orange Black Tea.




After this, my tummy seemed back to normal. I also had a few un-pictured chocolates :)

Not sure what was up with my run and my tummy after. I hate when that happens after runs. Ahhh… Glad I finished it though!!


I finally was able to go look at some hardwood floors today and I brought home a couple samples. I will share with you our 2 faves.


This is our current hardwood floor color. Not a fan of how dark it is because it shows Sadie’s hair so bad!! So I definitely know I want something a little lighter.

Choice #1 Gunstock


This is the darker of our 2 choices but definitely not as dark as the current color. It has a little orange tint to it, but I like it. I love orange, btw. It’s my accent color in my kitchen!!

Choice #2 Golden Harvest


And this is the lighter color. I think it would probably show Sadie’s hair the least. I also decided I definitely like the wider wood vs the smaller panels. The one’s I like are 5 inches vs the 3 inch ones we have now.

So, which do you like better??


I knew dinner would be leftover Sloppy Joes, because they are awesome!! But, I also had a ripe avocado, so I decided to make some guacamole! I love some guac!!


All I did was mix 1 avocado, a splash of lemon juice, salt, a couple splashes of Tabasco, and a little bit of minced garlic. YUM YUM YUM!!

And this is what I had for dinner:


Sloppy Joe on a sandwich thin, broccoli, and some chips and half of the guac I made. It was an awesome, filling combo!!


I also opened a bottle of Sauv Blanc, channeling my inner Allison!! I picked up a couple bottles of Napa and Sonoma wines today, since I will be there in less than 4 months!! Wohoo!!


I had one small glass in my Napa Valley stemless wine glass. Appropriate, yes??

This afternoon, the fiancé came home with this awesome looking chocolate cake! I think he is trying to sabotage my healthy eating!! So of course, I HAD to have a small slice for dessert :) After all, I did run 9 miles!


It was so good!! The frosting was TDF!! I am usually not a fan of store bought cakes, but this is definitely an exception! Luckily, it’s pretty rich so I was satisfied after this small slice!!


I’m flipping between the Olympics and American Idol tonight! Love that!!

Are you a sweets person? If so, can you just have one bite and be satisfied?

I am definitely a sweets person and don’t think I have EVER just had one bite and been satisfied! Haha :)

Gotta jet, SNOWBOARD CROSS is starting!!


  1. total sweets person. NO WAY, i can never have just one bite. I say go ahead and indulge on the sweets. only live once, right (maybe?)?

  2. Oh yum. that cake looks delicious! And I think I like the gunstock best!

  3. haha that is so bizarre considering they stick people all day long. I am terrible at IVs. I didn't get enough practice in tele and now in the ICU everyone has a line, so i never have the opportunity. oh well, i love lines!:)

  4. Great job stick with your run on the treadmill. you gave yourself such an awesome peep talk! :D Great job. I like the dark wood, but I just tend to like dark floors for design reasons. Next I like the second one. If you have a lot of wood in your house already - furniture, etc - you should try to make sure it doesn't clash.

  5. MMMM - that wine looks wonderful! :)

    I'd go with floor choice number 2 :)

  6. you just described EVERY treadmill run for me...ok, kidding. kinda. I'm sorry you has such a rough go at it but major props for sticking it out. Esp. since you were at home and all you had to do was hit the stop button!

    I'm a total sweetes person. Chocolate all the way. Fortunately, I love really decadent rich chocolate so you really can't have that much at one time.

    I vote for gunstock.