Hey y’all!! Some of you came close with guessing the significance of today, but no one hit it spot on!! It’s my BLOGIVERSARY!! I have officially been blogging for one year today!! When I started NNA, I thought surely no one would read it! But much to my surprise, I have many awesome readers! And I love everyone of y’all! The blog world is so wonderful and encouraging and I feel like I really “know” many of you even though we’ve never met!! So thanks for being a part of my life and NNA and I hope y’all continue to be a part of my life for many years to come!!

Check out my first post! Funny how I started out posting food pictures even before I knew what a food blog was! Just must have been in the cards for me!! My blog has gone from just an account of my daily life, to a running blog, and now to a healthy lifestyle blog (food and running)!! I totally love how my little blog has evolved into exactly what it was supposed to be!! I have been through a lot in this year of blogging: Losing friendships, starting back to running post ankle injury, quitting my job in the PICU, that I loved, to go back to CRNA school, my first day of school, getting ENGAGED, planning a wedding, and passing my first semester of CRNA school… just to name a few!! It’s gone by in a whirlwind! Funny how much faster time goes by as you get older!! It’s fun to go back and read my old posts because I don’t remember writing half of them! Haha! So anyway, Happy Birthday to my Blog!!


Onto today’s happenings… We got out of class at 11am so I only ate my orange and not the string cheese for snack! When I got home, I was pretty hungry and super excited that I had leftover roasted squash from last night to eat! So I decided to make a “throw together creation”, if you will!


I layered some of last nights Jambalaya, butternut and acorn squash, and some cooked spinach! It was awesome! Such an explosion of flavors! Sad that I ate all the squash! Must buy more!!


I also had a Pink Lady apple with some PB on the side.


I think Pink Lady apples come in as my 2nd favorite apple, behind Honeycrisp, natch!


My tummy has not been feeling well all day, so I decided to do some yoga instead of a bootcamp workout. Don’t think my tummy would like all the jumping around!! I did 30 minutes worth of Polly’s yoga videos! Love them!! My tummy did start to feel better after yoga so I am thinking yoga is a cure all! Ha! What do y’all think??


I spent the rest of the afternoon reading all about muscle physiology… shoot me now! I felt like I was reading gibberish! I hate that book!! Sigh, I digress…My tummy started growing around 4pm so I decided it was snack time! Y’all don’t be mad, I made the same snack I’ve been making for days! I just can’t help myself, it’s so good!!


Trail mix made with the rest of my Oh’s :(, peanuts, Chocolate and PB chips. I made a smallish bowl today since I didn’t get too much exercise in!


And some Chai Spice Black Tea. I did add a splash of milk after I took the picture. No sugar today, wasn’t really in the mood!


Tonight was taco night!! I always make a taco salad and the fiancé always eats regular tacos. It’s a ritual!


I layered Romaine lettuce, Spinach, onion, tomato, a little taco meat, cheese, light sour cream, and Taco Bell hot sauce! This was DYNAMITE!! So good!!




And of course, what would taco night be without chips and salsa! Yummers!!

I hear cookies calling my name but I am trying to hold off until 24 comes on tonight!! So excited for that show!


Well guys, I hope you had a GREAT Monday! And again, thanks for reading!! Y’all all hold a special place in my heart! I love my readers!! And for all you lurkers, I love you too! Please comment some time so I know you are out there!!


  1. Happy blogiversary!! I should have guessed that!
    I already had dinner but now I was taco salad...damn it

  2. Happy Blogiversary!

    Your blog is really coming along nicely.

    And your trail mix looks YUMMY!

  3. Happy blogiversary!! I always forget my blog's anniversaries, but it has now been 4 years, whoa.

  4. Wohoo!! Happy Blogiversary!!!!

    I'm coming up on my one year too - so crazy how time flies!

  5. Happy blogiversary!! How exciting. :) Imagine what it will be like in a year from'll be a married chick!

  6. YAY!! Happy anniversary!!!!!! So glad I found ya in the blog world.
    But I have one question, why didn’t you invite me over to Taco night?? :)