Going Meatless

Good Evening bloggies!! I am currently watching the Memphis-UCF game. Go Tigers!! They are a bit ahead right now! Let’s hope it stays that way!!

We got out of class a bit early today (yeah!!) so I got home right around lunch time. I was really feeling some veggies so I made a BIG salad!!


I threw together Romaine lettuce, spinach, cucs, tomatoes, kidney beans, and raisins. Topped with a little Annie’s Goddess Dressing!!


With an orange and some Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps on the side! Was the perfect lunch!! I had quite a sweet tooth after I ate so I had one two of these cookies my mom sent home with me the other night!! I just couldn’t help myself!!


PB cookie with Mini Reeses Pieces!! I stuck it in the microwave to get all warm and goeey!! Do you prefer crunchy or chewy cookies? Mine have to be chewy! The less done the better! Haha :)


I let my lunch digest while doing some school work, then it was time to workout!! I put together a new circuit training routine! It was tough! My legs seriously felt like JELLO after doing all these squats and lunges! I’m sure I will be feeling it tomorrow!!

Arm, Leg, and Ab Circuit #1

  • Run 5 minutes 6.2mph
  • Lunges with Bicep Curls 2X20 8 lbs
  • Yoga Crunch 2X15
  • Run 5 minutes 6.8mph
  • Squats with Military Press 2X12 8 lbs
  • Yoga Bicycle 2X20
  • Run 5 minutes 6.8
  • Curtsey Lunges 20 each leg
  • Punches 2X10 each (jab, uppercut, hook) 3 lbs
  • Side Plant with Twist 15 each side
  • Run 5 minutes 6.8mph
  • Plie Lunge 2X20 holding 5 lb weights
  • Tricep Kickbacks 2X20 5 lbs
  • Reverse Crunches 2X20
  • Run 5 minutes 6.2mph
  • Total: 50 minutes 2.75miles

I really loved this circuit! I will definitely be doing it again!! I got the Yoga Crunch and Yoga Bicycle from Polly’s Yoga For Yummy Abs. If you have any questions about the moves, email me so I can clarify them!!

After my workout, I iced my foot for 15 minutes since my PF is still acting up and then decided to have a little snack since I was hungry!


About 1/2 cup Quaker Crack and 6 Almonds.


And some Chai Spice Black Tea. I love Chai Tea!! I need to grab a Chai Latte from Starbucks soon! It’s been too long!!


I’ve really been kind of turned off by meat lately and I have no reason why. That’s why a lot of my meals this week have been meatless. I am actually really enjoying it!! So tonight’s dinner was meatless! Well, for me anyway! The fiancé had a pork chop  :)


I roasted up 2 Butternut Squashes and a bag of Fingerling Potatoes. Along with that, I steamed some Broccoli and also had some Vegetarian Baked Beans! Everything was GREAT!! I think the Butternut Squash was my favorite! It basically melts in your mouth! Holy Yum!!


I dipped my potatoes in some Organic Ketchup and Bullseye BBQ sauce. I forgot how much I love baked beans!! This dinner was so good and filled me right up without leaving me feeling too heavy! That’s how I like it!!

I enjoyed my hot chocolate so much last night, I will be having it again tonight! It is just so good!!



I really had fun reading everyone’s answers to the Q&A on my last post!! If you didn’t do it, go check it out now! It’s not too late!! I am thinking about doing a Hump Day Q&A every Wednesday… what do y’all think? Do you like doing it? I need some feedback :)

Well guys, Memphis is down by 4 points, no biggie, but I gotta get back to the game!! Looking forward to watching some American Idol tonight too! Have a great night friends!!


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  2. So I have been keeping up with your blog, and I really enjoy it. You will have to show me what plié lunges and curtesy lunges are. I need something to switch up my leg routine. See you tomorrow!

  3. I love the new layout! It looks so clean and fresh :D And I can't complain about the cookie pictures either ;)

  4. that salad you mad looks really good. I like trying to go meatless every once in a while. Makes me feel good. :) Totally stealing your salad recipe