Hey guys! Happy Thursday afternoon!! There was some awesome USA wins in the Olympics last night!! I just have to say that Shaun White is AWESOME!!


I woke up super sore this morning from last night’s Arms, Legs, and Abs Circuit #2!! I think every muscle in my body hurt!! So a morning workout was DEFINITELY out!! Haha!! I had a nice morning… some Bible reading, school reading, and some Today Show watching!! I made a yummy bowl of Oats for breakfast too!!


I made my Banana Oatmeal base and topped it with blueberries, coconut, and some NM PB! Yummy! Hit the spot!


I love mini spoons! Anyone else like eating with mini utensils?? I need to get more, where can I find them??


Crème Brulee coffee!


Thanks for all your opinions on the hardwood colors! I decided to go with the second and darker of the 2 choices, the Gunstock! I’m excited!! I had the guy come measure today and will get a price on it tomorrow! Fingers crossed that it fits within my budget from the Insurance Company!!


Around 11:30am, I decided to head out for a run, even though I was sore. It’s such a beautiful day and it just could not be wasted!! It was super sunny and around 42* when I started out! I had planned on doing a super easy 3 miles but my legs were just raring to go! So instead, I ended up doing a super speedy (for me!) 4 miler!! It was awesome!! My time was 35:30 with an average pace of 8:53 min/mile!! How awesome is that?!? Guess I won’t ever let sore legs talk me out of a run!! Haha!! My legs and butt were screaming on every hill though! And this was a super hilly run! Ha! And the wind was pretty bad too. But it was gorgeous outside and I even got warm and sweaty!! After my awesome 4 miles, I decided to take Sadie on a 1 mile walk. She loved it of course. She ended up eating a napkin though. So weird, it had some sort of food on it and was lying on the ground, so she ate the whole entire napkin! I’m sure that can’t be good for her! Geez, such a little piggy!!


Lunch was a random assortment of foods today but ended up being really good!!


I mixed some leftover cous cous, kidney beans, cooked spinach, and feta cheese in a bowl and also had some chips and salsa and an orange!


This ended up being a really great creation!!


And I had one of my Healthified Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert.


I have something fun going on this weekend! I am going to a little bloggie meet-up in Nashville! I am super excited to meet Lauren!! She was one of the first blogs I ever read and we instantly just clicked!! We have been talking on the phone, through emails, and texts for a long time and it is definitely time for us to meet in person!! She just happens to be in Nashville this weekend, and it’s only about a 3 hour drive from me, so I knew I had to make the trip!! I had some bumps along the way with school and the plumbing issues, but God worked his magic and everything has worked out for me to be able to go! Yay!! Plus, I get to stay with one of my great friends, Katie!! She’s one of my bridesmaid’s in my wedding and lives in Nashville! There are some other bloggers that we will be meeting up with also!!

So my question to you is, what are your favorite restaurants or things to do in Nashville?? We have all day Saturday to play and eat so I was hoping y’all could help with ideas!!

Gotta start heading to class, have a fabulous rest of the day!!


  1. Blogger meet ups are so much fun! I have never been to Nashville so I can't give you any advice, but I am sure you will have a blast whatever you decide!

    Have fun girl and have a wonderful day today!

  2. I was just in Nashville in Septmeber! It was a blast! for restaraunts i highly suggest Joe's Crabshack, Wildhorse Saloon (so much fun!), and BB Kings House of Blues. The nightlife in downtown is great! The Hard Rock Cafe is fun too! Also, there was one store that I went into and LOVED! it was called Earthbound Trading Co. It was like this Bohemian - Hippie style store, and had the coolest things! I highly suggest checking it out!

  3. Cous cous, kidney beans, cooked spinach, and feta, sounds and looks great. Nice job on your run and have fun with your Nashville meet up!

  4. Opry Mills!!!!

  5. I am going to Nashville this weekend with the hubby :)