And The Studying Begins…

Hey y’all! Happy Saturday to ya!!

Today begins my week long of studying for the 4 tests I have next week! Yep, 4!!! Looking at our school schedule, next week is the worst week of the semester! So once it’s over with, it won’t be so bad! I am totally ready to tackle this next week!! I am spending the weekend studying for my Pharm and Phys test that is on Monday. It’s over Insulin, Oral Hyperglycemics, and Inhalational Agents. I am spending MOST of my time on Inhalational Agents because I already know all about Insulin and Oral Hyperglycemics, that part will be mostly just memorization. Inhalational (Volatile) Agents are new to me and are one of the mainstays of Anesthesia, so I need to know them like the back of my hand!! Ha!! At least it’s stuff I like to study!! So basically, that’s what my weekend looks like with a few runs and a grocery store trip!!


Let’s back up to yesterday. I got home from class around 1:15pm and I was starving! I only had 15 minutes until the insurance person was coming to check out my plumbing issues. So I threw together some leftover Chicken Chili and Quick Cornbread!!




I didn’t have a problem scarfing this down in 15 minutes because I was HANGRY!!


I got some really good news yesterday about my plumbing issues! Insurance is going to cover all of it!! They are covering the busting up of my wood floors, fixing the plumbing, pouring back the foundation, and replacing all my wood floors!! God is GOOD!!! I was so happy and relieved to get this news!!


Snack yesterday was my usual…


And for dinner, we had pancakes!! I really wasn’t in the mood to cook, so pancakes was an easy option!!


Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes with a little maple syrup. I had 4 small pancakes. It looks like a lot more in this picture because the pancakes kept sticking to the pan so they came out VERY oddly shaped! Plus, I gave the fiancé all the pretty ones! I’m nice like that!! They still tasted just as good though!!



Back to today!! I was so excited to be able to sleep in this morning since I was up so early EVERY morning this week!! My body woke up naturally around 7:30am! I felt so nice and refreshed!! I decided to enjoy my  morning and run at lunch time since all I have is an easy 3 miler on the schedule for today. I also decided this morning was definitely a Baked Banana Bread Oatmeal kinda morning!!


Behold the Baked Banana Bread Oatmeal waiting to go into the oven!! I added raisins, flax, and a few PB chips as a little “surprise”!!


All cooked up! You can see a few PB chips poking out!! They really were an amazing addition!!




And of course, a little dollop of PB!! I need to stock up on some more Naturally More!!


And 1 cup of coffee with a little Almond Breeze! I am still working on the DD Hazelnut coffee! It’s getting close to being gone though!! What is your favorite kind of coffee?? I am really a flavored coffee kinda girl!!


Like I said, I have a 3 miler scheduled for today. It needs to be an easy run since I have a long run tomorrow. I haven’t decided if I’m going to run outside or hit up the treadmill today. It’s kinda cold and windy outside and I have a TON of shows of my DVR that I need to watch! Ha! So the treadmill may win!! I really don’t mind doing shorter runs on the treadmill, they seem to go by fast!! And then later, I need to hit up the grocery store!! Any suggestions for dinner tonight?!?

What are y’all doing for the Super bowl tomorrow?? I’m not a huge NFL fan so honestly I like the Super bowl for the food! But sadly, I have to study so I’m not sure what my plans will include :(  My parents always have some yummy eats so I may stay out there after my long run tomorrow! That way I can study and do something fun for the Super bowl!

Have a GREAT day!!


  1. Good luck on all 4 of your test. Thats a lot! I'm sure you will rock it. I'm glad to hear about your insurance covering your plumbing...thats such a big relief. You didn't need that extra stress on top of the test.
    We are throwing a super bowl party...tons of food! WOOO

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