What Do You Like About The Super bowl??

Good morning y’all!! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!! I like the Super Bowl for a couple reasons:

  1. Getting together with friends and/or family to have a party! It’s always nice to have an excuse to spend time together!!
  2. Food!! Super Bowl parties are a GREAT excuse to eat yummy food! Good thing I have a long run today! Gotta work on that calorie deficit so I can eat! Haha!
  3. The Commercials- This is really why I watch the Super Bowl. Not a huge NFL fan (more of a college sports fan) so the commercials are what keep me interested!! Although, I do usually end up getting into the game if it is a good one!!

What do you like about the Super Bowl?? And, who are you rooting for today??

Honestly, I am not really too big of a fan of either teams, I personally like whatever team Brett Farve is on so I would have been MUCH happier if the Vikings were playing today! Haha! I have been a Brett Farve fan since I was little!!  But I also love the Manning brothers and am going to be rooting for Peyton!! Go Colts!!


Onto morning eats!! I made another wonderful bowl of Baked Banana Bread Oatmeal!! I omitted the PB Chips today in favor of a little more of my NEW PB!! I can only find Naturally More at Wal-Mart and was shopping at Kroger yesterday, so I decided to try something new!!


Peanut Butter & Co’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl!! It is literally AMAZING!! I loved the Dark Chocolate Dreams PB that this company makes, but I think this Cinnamon Raisin Swirl knocks it out of the park!! So excited to top my oats with it this morning!!


I topped my oats with a big spoonful of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl after I took this picture!!Nom, nom, nom!!


And some coffee with a little splash of Almond Breeze! I made sure to stock up on more of this yesterday! Love this stuff!!

I am about to finish watching Grey’s Anatomy from last week as I enjoy my oats before I have to get to church!!


Long run after church today!! It may be a little chilly but I am getting pumped!! See y’all later for a Super Bowl recap! I hope everyone has a fabulously fun day!!


  1. I love the super bowl for the football! Its my favorite sport. Little bittersweet that this means no more games will be played. I also love the food! Yummy!
    Have fun on your long run! :D

  2. Hey Nikki! Cousin Lindsay here. I love the commercials too! I don't really care for either of these teams, so I will just be watching the game to see what the comms are! haha No parties for me today tho, have too much school work! Hope your long run goes well today,stay warm! :)

  3. Goooo Colts! Peyton Manning is so cute!