Hectic Day

Hey guys! How is everyone? My day has been pretty sucky here. Just super hectic and stressful :(

Friday class is always tough because we have to basically make up anesthetic plans for case studies, which is hard when you don’t really know what your doing! Guess that’s how you learn though. But by the end of class, we are all BRAIN DEAD. So that was one component to my day today.

Another is that I have a ton of school stuff piling up! Mostly just tests and take home tests, but there is just so much of it! Next week is another 3 test week :( STRESSFUL!! Luckily, I get to spend tomorrow with friends and hanging out in Nashville!! It’s basically my one calm day before the storm. Then when I get home Sunday, I’m back into school mode hardcore. Stresses me out just talking about it!! At least I was able to knock out some extra credit questions this afternoon!

And on top of ALL THAT, I got my hard wood floor estimate. $7000!! Umm, I was thinking more along the lines of $3000-4000?!? What the heck?!? That’s a lot of money and definitely not within the budget my Home Insurance is giving me! Luckily, I have an awesome agent who very willing to help me. So yea, lots of stressors today! Please pray for my sanity and for next week!!


I did have some yummy eats so far today!! Breakfast this morning was Overnight Oats again!!


In the mix:

  • ~2 TBSP Plain Greek yogurt
  • ~2 TBSP Vanilla Nonfat yogurt
  • ~1/4 cup Vanilla Soymilk, the last of it :(
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • splash of vanilla and cinnamon
  • ~1/4 cup pumpkin, the last of it too :(

And this is what it looked like this morning when I ate it!


Yum, yum, yum!! Toppings were:

It was awesome!!


The mashed banana kicks it up a notch every time!!

For snack during class, I brought an orange!


This guy was a biggin’!!

And lunch was another thrown together jumble! These seem to turn out so great!!




In this mix was:

  • Roasted Cauliflower from last night
  • The rest of my cous cous
  • Cooked Spinach
  • Feta cheese
  • Hot sauce

OMG! So good!! The hot sauce was definitely necessary! It made it taste amazing!!


I also had a pear with some NM PB


And of course a Chick Pea Blondie! Love these! And the fiancé said they were really good too! He has no clue they are made with Chick Peas! Haha!


I have a gazillion things to accomplish before I leave for Nashville in the morning! So I better get to that! Have a wonderful rest of the day! I will be back in the morning before I head out!

Do you like to plan meals or just throw them together?


  1. Jeeze, that IS rather stressful! I hope that all of it gets worked out quickly and easily and you get your work done and the hardwood drama gets solved! Have an fantastic weekend and try to relax some to get that stress out!

  2. That couscous bowl you had for lunch look delicious! I would say I love planning meals, but sometimes you just have to throw things together and that can be just as fun. Hope the craziness calms down!!