Super bowl + Studying = Success!!

Hey y’all!! What did you think about the Super Bowl?? Can’t believe the Saints won!! It was a pretty good game, I thought. Well, at least the little bit I watched! Haha!!  I had a GREAT time at my parents house and I actually got a lot of studying done today, even during the game!



I was most interested in the commercials!! What was you favorite commercial?? I liked the Doritos commercial where the dog unstrapped his shock collar and put it on his owner and kept barking to shock him! Hilarious!!


Let’s back up… after a great church service I headed out for my long run which was a COMPLETE FAIL. I had my mind set to run 12 miles but after the 1st mile I knew that was totally NOT happening. I felt so tired and just off. Not to mention it was freezing and windy and I just couldn’t get warm! I seriously was ready to give up after 3 miles but I talked myself into finishing 6 miles and then I could call it quits. Man, it was so tough to finish those 6 miles, but I did. Average pace of 9:38/mile. So, my pace wasn’t bad at all but I felt EXHAUSTED. It’s frustrating but you know, sometimes it just happens. I am trying to remember that and not get so down on myself. Sometimes I am just too competitive with myself.

After my awful run, I went back to my parents house to shower and get ready so my mom and I could go run a few errands. But first, I made a yummy lunch!


I made a veggie sammie on ww bread with some black bean spread, cucs, onion, lettuce, and a little Swiss cheese.


The black bean spread was awesome!! Like black bean hummus!!


With a pickle and a super yummy and sweet orange!!


This is Sadie’s BFF Georgia! She says hello!!


She wanted to be featured on the blog today!! Her eyes glow green like Sadie’s in pictures! Guess they are aliens?! Haha


I had a yummy PB cookie for dessert!!


I found some super quite sandals at Target today! Y’all go check out Target sandals before they sell out!!

I studied the rest of the afternoon and had a little popcorn and dried fruit for a snack.



After I studied for a while, I helped my mom get the Super Bowl food ready!!


We had a veggie tray with Blue Cheese-Ranch dip, which was amazing!!


Rotel dip!! Love, love, love Rotel!!!




Some Hawaiian Style Meatballs with pineapples


And some BBQ Chicken Bacon Bites!!

Everything was so good!!


I had this plate plus a ton of other bites of everything! Ha!!


I sipped on some Sauv Blanc while I studied/watched the game!!


I also had many bites of Swedish Fish and Candy Hearts!! Candy bowls are dangerous!!

And maybe another PB cookie… Needless to say, I am stuffed!! Some great eats tonight!!


My mom and I!



We had quite the little party!! It was very fun!

And check out what my mom gave me! I was more than PUMPED!


Finally, I got my hands on some PUMPKIN!! Wohoo!! Thanks mom! I am already brainstorming a million ways to use this awesomeness!!

Well guys, I better get to bed. I literally am having a hard time keeping my eyes open!! Time to get ready to tackle the week of tests!! Good night!


  1. I think I need that recipe for the Hawaiian meatballs!!