Snowboard Cross

Good Morning!!

I am really into these Olympic games! For some reason, I wasn’t THAT interested in watching them at the beginning, but somehow it sucked me in!! I think my favorite event so far has been last night’s Snowboard Cross!! It was just awesome!! Especially since Seth Wescott(USA) won the gold!! He was at the back for the first half of the race then pulled ahead to win! Love when that happens!!

Not sure if they showed any speed skating last night or not. Before I fell asleep none had been shown, so I am hoping they didn’t show any so I didn’t miss it! Love Apolo Ohno! I just read about him in my Runner’s World magazine too! Being a runner just adds to his appeal! Haha

Are y’all as into The Olympics as I am? I fiancé is definitely not! Haha :)


There is still some snow of the ground today, but later in the week it’s supposed to get up to the 50’s!! Hallelujah!! Today though, not so much. I think as winter drags on, I’m getting more and more wimpy to the cold. I just don’t want to get out in it AT ALL!! I don’t know how you all who live in the north do it! Please enlighten me!! So that being said, I woke up thinking about my long run today. I don’t really have a set amount of miles to do, just more than 8 would be nice. I watched the weather, and it’s not supposed to be above freezing when I’m planning on heading out for my run. Boo.  So this news had me going back and forth between outside running and treadmill running. Then the words “VERY BREEZY” were said about today and I instantly had my decision! TREADMILL! Haha. I don’t do cold+windy at all!! At least I have a bunch of recorded shows on my DVR to watch!! So it should be interesting since the longest I’ve done on the treadmill is 8 miles….


I made a super filling and yummy breakfast this morning!! I made my usual Banana Oatmeal but with a lot more volume!! I added and extra 1/3 cup water and it really made it look like a lot more!! Almost overflowed my bowl!! I prefer my oats more liquidy, so this was perfect and now I am stuffed to the brim!!


Toppings include: blueberries, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB, and some snow(shredded coconut)!!


Nom, nom, nom, nom. This was a wonderful combo. I forgot how yummy shredded coconut is on oats!!


Fresh Market Crème Brulee coffee!!



Ok, let’s talk some Bachelor!! Last night was kinda boring for me! We all knew Allie would try to come back but I was a little surprised when he told her no! I thought for sure he would want her back! Boy was I wrong!! I am so disappointed in his choice to send Gia home and keep Vienna! I don’t know what he sees in that girl! Yikes! It’s his life though, right?! I am still rooting for Tinley!! How about you?


Alright friends, gotta get some school and housework done before I attempt my treadmill long run! Wish me luck!!

Do you have any long run treadmill tips? Are you one to run outside in any weather condition, or are you cold wimpy like me??


  1. I LOVE the Olympics - they are so much fun to watch!

    And yes, I'm pretty over Vienna - I hope he picks Tennley!! :-)

  2. Tinley ALL the way!!! :)

  3. There is no getting use to running in the winter. It sucks. Layers is the only way to make it through, but other than that, i still am not use to it! But thats awesome that it will be above freezing! WOOO! 50 degrees? So jealous

  4.; You saved my day again.

  5. I'm waiting til March. I'm mentally preparing myself that March is no longer winter, so I have no excuses anymore!

    We keep the Olympics on all the time!!

  6. So, I have one you make your morning oatmeal in a regular bowl or a mug?? It's hard to tell from your pics... I am also in love with the olymics! Love watching them, I was the same way when the summer olympics were on....sad when they are over :( and you're lucky the snow is going to melt, we just got 5-8in. yesterday in KY..sooo cold! Hope your long run goes well... I know I can't WAIT till the Lake this summer...go away snow! lol :)

  7. Hi! Just found your blog and adore it!
    I just started running in the last six months and have suffered from the same cold weather wussyness! Agree with the layering and hats are a little irritating but make the world of difference I find!
    All your food looks amazing and was just wondering what sort of oats you use????

    Best wishes,
    Jessica :-)

    p.s to the anonymous above...are you haunting me so that I get on with my homework?????? If Russian grammar teacher would love you! Just kidding!!!! xxx

  8. I finally just watched the bachelor. I'm team Vienna. I think he likes her because she doesn't have baggage (like Tinley) and she's real and FUN (not like Tinley who is nice and sweet, but so boring!) Vienna's a guys girl. She doesn't get caught up in the drama and she doesn't give a rip what other people think of her.

  9. I am so obsessed with the Olympics! I'm constantly checking the NYTimes ring blog when I'm at work! My biggest tip on treadmill long runs is to keep playing with either the speed or the incline. If I just left everything alone I'd be jumping ship after 10 minutes!

  10. Mmm...cinnamon raisin swirl PB, I love that stuff. I just ran out a few days ago and my oats have definitely been lacking. Guess I need to go pick up more!

    And I try to run outside in almost any weather, but extreme cold is one thing I cannot body just shuts down on me.