What is today??

Good morning friends!! As I mentioned last night, today is a special day here at Niki’s Neverending Adventure! So far, no one has guessed correctly, so can you guess what today is? I know somebody can!!


I got up at 5am this morning! That’s so early!! But sadly, my class didn’t get cancelled today, so that’s why I was up and at ‘em so early!! I actually was able to participate in the 5 o’clock club this morning at the right time! Yay! Totally worth it to get up early!!

And for breakfast, I decided today was a great day for a yogurt mess!!




All mixed up!! Today’s creation contained:

  • 1 Stonyfield Pumpkin yogurt
  • 1 small banana, mashed (you know that’s how I love it!)
  • 1/2 cup Quaker Oat Squares (AKA Quaker Crack!)
  • 1/4 cup Pumpkin Granola

Very good creation if I do say so myself!! I love the Stonyfield Pumpkin yogurt!! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers make pumpkin yogurt out of plain yogurt and canned pumpkin and I’ve wanted to try it so bad! But, I am so sad to say that there was a sign at Kroger this weekend that said their stocker of pumpkin was out and they wouldn’t have any in until AUGUST 2010!! That seems like forever! What am I gonna do without pumpkin?! Do y’all have pumpkin where you are?


Also has some coffee with a splash of cream :)

I packed a snack to bring with me to class this morning because I never really know what time we are gonna get out! It starts at 8am and sometimes we get out around 11am and sometimes we don’t get out until 1pm! And on the longer days, I am starving by the time we can leave!! So today I’m bringing:


An orange and string cheese!! I feel this is a good combo of fat, protein, and carbs for a snack! Whatcha think? What is your favorite snack to take on the go??


Well y’all, gotta start heading towards class! Not sure if the roads will be slick or not so I am giving myself some extra time!!

Don’t forget to try to guess why today is a special day for us here at NNA!! Have a great Monday!


  1. It's either your birthday or anniversary? Although i'm sure people have guess that. A year ago you got engaged?
    Have a good one

  2. I was going to say: anniversary of being together, or anniversary of being engaged. Maybe one year until you're done with school?