5 Mile Friday!!

**Warning*** This post my include a little TMI on tummy issues related to running so if you don’t want to read about it move on!!


Anyway, I decided to go out and do 5 miles again today!! I knew when I went to bed last night that I should wake up early and go since it will be hot again. Well, I didn’t and I woke up at 8 thinking I was in for a very hot and humid run!! Much to my surprise, it was actually very nice out! Guess all that rain yesterday cooled things down. I went to a park around my parents house and started there. For some reason I like to run all of the routes I used to run when living at my parents house and training for my first half marathon. That is why I am always driving out there to run!! The run was good, my legs wanted to go very fast at the beginning so I had to keep slowing down knowing that if I went to fast I would be dying at the end. There were a lot of people out today, guess no one works Fridays! Haha. The last mile was probably the hardest but I just kept pushing. Here are my stats:

Avg Pace- 10:27min/mile

Mile 1- 10:41min/mile

Mile2- 10:36min/mile

Mile 3- 10:24min/mile

Mile 4-10:22min/mile

Mile 5- 10:14 min/mile

Calories burned- 544!!

Like always, look at those negative splits!! Yay!! I made sure to stretch good after but my calves are still tight and my back is too. Anyone else get a sore and tight back from running?? I wore a pair of my new running shorts today and loved them!! Yay for short shorts!! Ha!

On to the TMI topic- So I didn’t eat anything before I ran, never do unless I am running later on. Right after I finished and stretched I really had to GO!! Luckily my parents live like 2 mins away so I went there, pottied, and was on my way. Well My stomach still didn’t feel good and I have had to go #2 like 3 times since!! It was so hard to force my lunch down, 2 hours after my run, because my stomach kept cramping. It feels much better now after all the bathroom trips! I notice this happens when I start increasing my mileage. Does this happen to anyone else?? Sorry again if it’s TMI!!

Onto the 100 Push Up Challenge. I am on week 1 day 3 today and it was the hardest day so far!! My arms just were shaking so bad by the last set! But I finished!! Maybe it was because I am so tired from my long run?? Anyway, looking forward to week 2 of the 100 push up challenge next week!!

Anyone doing anything fun tonight or this weekend?? I will be at work:( But at least I’m in charge, usually makes for a busy day! Ha.


  1. Lol... that happens to me before/after races. I have no idea why. I try to "go" before i leave. Drinking plenty of water the night before helps me lol (tmi again)

  2. I really try to make sure I "go" earlier in the day (if I run in the afternoon) or right before I run otherwise I'm SPRINTING home.

    Oh the joys of running!

    In high school my lower back used to hurt sometimes in cross country season. Not sure why!

  3. I'm so impressed with your negative splits!

    No real GI recommendations for you - I just always try to 'go' before I head out on the morning.
    Have fun being the boss!

  4. I always make sure I 'go' before I head out for a run. If I don't I almost always find myself heading for the woods during.

    Good job on your 5 miles!

  5. hey Niki! To answer your question-

    I usually prefer to eat an hour or so before a run but sometimes its as close as 20 minutes. For shorter runs (under 4 miles) I usually just wake up and go right away before I have time to get hungry. For longer weekend runs I usually set my alarm for an hour before I'll actually be running so I can eat something. :) Hope that helps!

  6. Hi!

    I always have a small snack if I am doing a run that is over 3 miles, but it could be something that you ate last night. ONe time I had some really heavy chili, and the next morning I had a race and the cramps were terrible!

    As for the back pain, I've read that getting back aches is a sign that you need a stronger core. The runningdoc on runners world suggests doing an ab routine (even if it's a small one) before every run, that is when it is most effective :) Sorry if I just gave you advice you didn't want! I have a habit of doing that but just tell me to shut up :)

  7. Hi, I just came across your blog. I ran 5 miles today too and experienced some MAJOR stomach issues. I guess that's the down-side of running.

    Where in the south do you live? I live in NC.

  8. You're not a real runner until you've pooed yourself or wanted to poo yourself. We've all been there. :o)