Tweet Tweet!

Ok I did it! Finally joined Twitter. For my username I decided on NikiRuns. Simple but perfect!! So come follow me! I still really don't know what I'm doing and when I try to follow some of ya'll it won't show up under my "follow" thing on my page so I'm not sure what's up. I will work on it though!!


  1. I started following you! Mine is private so when you click follow on my page it will send me a request.

  2. Welcome to Twitter! Sometimes I have to press the "follow" button more than once, for some reason. Maybe try that?

    Anyways, I'm sure I'll find you on there!!

  3. I am following you :) :)

  4. Ok, I have gotten 2 following requests from you but when I click on it, it says it has been deleted. I'm turning off my privacy setting for a bit. Try again!

  5. I'm following you!

  6. Lol you are a Twitter convert, and NikiRuns is perfect :)

  7. Yay! I have come to love twitter. I am going to add ya now. My name is erchla.

  8. how fun, welcome to twitter it is so fun.