Day 1 on the lake!!

I got up this morning at 7am thinking "I better get up and run now before it gets crazy hot"!! And if ya'll remember from the last time I was here, the running route I do is all hills, LITERALLY. There is no flat road whatsoever!! So it makes for a great, hard, hilly run! Unfortunately my Garmie's batteries died like 2 minutes into my run so I don't know my pace but luckily I already know the mileage distance. So I ran 3 miles total and felt great after, nice and sweaty and breathing hard! Then I went with my parents on a 2 mile walk on the same hilly route! So I felt like I got a good morning workout!!

The lake was beautiful today!! Today was supposed to be the hottest day of the weekend, 95 degrees, but there was a very nice breeze! I wakeboarded a lot today and am sure I'm gonna be sore! I LOVE wakeboarding! If I could be a professional wakeboarder I totally would! Wish I would have picked this sport up a long time ago!! I got some fun pics with my mom's camera but unfortunately I can't post them until I get home because my dad doesn't have a USB cable with his laptop here:(

We ate lunch at Lee's Ford Marina and as usual it was very good!! My favorite drink there is the Lake Tea. It's basically iced tea and lemonade mixed together!! Sometimes I can tell that they use sweet tea and other times unsweet tea but both ways are great!! For lunch I ate the grilled, blackened grouper sandwich! Amazing!! Shared half with my dad and ate some of his grouper fingers too!! Think we are planning on going back for Father's Day dinner on Sunday night!

Sadie is loving being here at the lake! She loves sniffing outside and barking on the deck at all the animals! Ha! Tomorrow we are planning more lake fun!! Not sure if I will be able to run in the morning or not due to how sore I know I'm gonna be from wakeboarding today!! It uses so many muscles I never use!! Guess we will see!! Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!! Any fun weekend plans??


  1. Girl, I feel your pain on the hill thing. It super hilly where I live and sometimes it drives me crazy. I just try to remind myslef that the hills are good for me. Take advantage of them.