Tuesday Run

Happy Tuesday everyone! How is everyone’s morning going so far? Mine is GREAT!!

I woke up at 5:30am and headed out to my parents house to do my long run. I just love the trails out there, it’s worth waking up a little early and driving there. Anyway, I ran 6 miles this morning like I had planned. I stuck to my usual hilly route and it was tough. I stopped at the water fountain at 4.4 miles just for the magic 3 sips of water and was back off again. I get so thirsty towards the last half of my run which is a new thing for me. However, I have never really trained during the summer so maybe this could be why I’m so freaking thirsty on my runs! Thank goodness for the water fountains! The last mile was tough but I just kept pushing and was so glad I did! I made sure to start off slower than I did last week so I could make the whole 6 miles and it worked! My legs are super sore now, they were sore when I started too, not really sure from what! Anyway, I am proud that I just keep pushing myself along with these longer runs! Now I just need to get a little faster! Hopefully in time:)

I am about to take Sadie for a nice relaxing walk and then head out shopping! Got to buy a laptop case and new school clothes! And yes, I really do need school clothes because we have to dress up everyday for class, like no jeans! So new clothes are in order! Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the day!


  1. Have fun shopping!!

  2. have a great day shopping!
    when you run 6 miles, about how long does it take you? i'm just starting to run again, outside isn't really my thing but the treadmill kicks my butt ;)

  3. Great job pushing through the run. Running in that kind of heat is not easy. FYI - it also slows you down naturally. Your right, keep plugging along. You will get faster.

    have fun $hopping.

  4. I tried to get up at 5:30 this morning and promptly went back to sleep. I have no idea how you do it every single day. I can't even make it 1 day a week!

  5. Yay for new school clothes!

  6. Nice job on the run! The heat could definitely be making you thirsty...Remember to drink lots of water!

    Dress up every day for school?? I often wore sweatshirts and jeans for class. I guess you have to up your look a bit when you're headed for that CRNA! Have fun shopping!

  7. Love your magic 3 sips - very cute!