Another great day on the lake!

Is it possible to be this sore?? I knew I would be sore from wakeboarding but man I feel like and old lady!! I can barely bend over! Ha! It's mostly my back, triceps, and hamstrings. But my neck muscles are also really sore, I'm guessing from some of the crashes I did:) Anyway, I still went for a run this morning but I decided 2 miles on the hill route was plenty. I also walked 2 more miles with my parents. And of course I didn't let my soreness stop me from wakeboarding today!! The lake was a lot busier, making the water kinda rough, so I didn't get to wakeboard as much as yesterday. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a little less crowded. We are going out much earlier so I can get some better water too!

I love being here, wish I could live at the lake! I'm pretty proud of myself for not getting too sunburned so far! I am so bad about reapplying sunscreen but have really kept up with it the last 2 days. Plus I've been using spf 50.

We are also planning on boating to The Old Mill tomorrow so I will make sure and get some pics!! Tonight is steak night and my dad is grilling us some filets! Yum!! I only eat steak when he makes it! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


  1. I've always thought laking is better than cross-training. Have fun!

  2. Sounds like lots if fun - and that'll you'll be getting strong arms!

  3. How fun! wake boarding is a great crossing training! Sounds lovely