Happy Hump Day!!!

Soccer game recap- I’m going to start off by saying that we played the team who won our division and they are pretty darn good! We have played them 3 times this season and last season and have tied them once and lost twice but it is always a very close game. We started off the first half really strong and were leading 2-0 at halftime. Unfortunately the second half didn’t go so well and they ended up scoring 3 goals, leaving the final score 3-2. We played hard and did great! I know I’m happy with how I played! And we only had 4 girls there last night so that meant we all played the WHOLE game, 90 mins of straight running! I was exhausted!! Unfortunately I had a guys cleats come across the side of my leg and slice it and then land directly on the top of my foot. OUCH!! I have a nice bruise and scrape on my leg and my foot is so sore! Even hurts to walk! I think it’s just bruised though, no worries!! Of course we went out after the game to East End Grill and had some drinks! It’s a must after running for 90 mins!! I am so excited for summer league to start up in a few weeks!!

I had planned on running today but when I got up and could barely walk on the foot that got stomped last night, I decided I better not. But believe me, I tired! I went out to see how it felt and decided that shooting pains up my leg would not make for a very fun run!! So luckily I was at my parents house and I opted to take a bike ride instead. I went 6.38 miles in 34:58. Don’t know if that’s good or not but my Garmin told me I burned 241 calories so I’m happy with that! My legs were sure working hard!!

After that, I came home and mowed my backyard. I did Day 2 of the One Hundred Push-up Challenge. So far so good!! We’ll see how sore I am tomorrow! I also did some other arm and back strength moves. Now it’s raining so I’m glad I already walked Sadie and got all my outside work done for the day!! I am going to dinner with a good friend from High School at Bonefish tonight. I have been craving that place! Can’t wait!!

Question for runners: I am not sure what to count my soccer running as. Obviously I don’t know the exact mileage I’m running so it’s hard to count it in my weekly totals but I don’t consider it a cross training day either since I’m actually running the whole time. I guess it’s more like speed work but how would ya’ll fit it into a training schedule? It just bothers me that I don’t have a number of miles from that to add into my week total!! Any suggestions would be great!!


  1. What kind of bike do you have? hmm as for the running, are you currently training for something and do your legs usually hurt the day after a soccor game? If it were me, I would just go by how sore/tired my legs were and go from there. What kind of mileage are you looking to do every week?

  2. It's a lot like cross training since you're using different muscles than running continually in a straight line. You have to stop, go, turn, change direction, kick, etc. If biking counts as cross-training, I'd say soccer does too.

  3. Have you tried wearing your garmin during a game? It'd give you almost a play by play map of the game, and track distance. You'd only have to do it once to have a mileage estimate for games. I think I'd consider it similar to trail running - with the different muscles you use.

  4. What exactly is a Garmin? You talk about it alot in your posts and I was just curious. It seems like something I might be interested in purchasing myself. Congrats on your game. It's never fun to lose but it sounds like y'all played well!

  5. I haven't played soccer since the fourth grade, but I think it would be more of high-intensity/higher impact cross training activity. You're moving in all different directions, so more muscles are being used than the forward motion muscles used in running.

    However, I don't really know how to "count" it!

  6. I like what all the other commenters said about "counting" the miles.

    If it were me and I was trying to count them, I would try and figure out how much time I was running and then guess how many miles... ex: 45 mins of running per hour of soccer? (just made up numbers) would be like 4.5 miles of running at a 10:00 pace?

    It is way different than just regular forwards running because you are moving in all directions and stopping and going. Maybe count it as speed workout day?

  7. I don't know how you would be able to track the mileage unless you use a garmin. It would be really interesting to see though. I would definitly consider it a speed workout.