We made it through the storm!!

There was a VERY bad storm that passed through tonight. Tornado warnings and all! I am happy to report that all my tree and plants are still standing and I am glad I was smart enough to put all my potted plants up against my house so they didn’t topple over!! Needless to say, Sadie and I spent some quality time in my closet together tonight!! I wish I had brought my camera in there with me but I forgot it and was too scared to venture out!! Ha, it’s not fun being all alone in a storm!

Anyway, on to other subjects. I have been like a bottomless pit today! I just can’t seem to get full. I have snacked and snacked all day long! Even dinner didn’t really fill me up. And I just came to the realization that I am probably semi dehydrated and need to drink some water!! Maybe that will fill me up!!

Well ya’ll I am super tired for some reason and am about to go get some sleep. I am getting up around 4am to workout before work tomorrow. I am planning on doing my strength routine that I posted yesterday but I might throw in some leg stuff!! Hope everyone has a fun Friday night and GREAT weekend!!


  1. So glad you made it through the storm okay. I talked with Whitney last night. That storm came like out of no where, huh?

  2. Of course you're tired - being trapped in a closet isn't the calmest way to spend your time!

  3. I am having the bottomless pit stomach today! It all started at dinner, it might be the beer :) I have been scrounging in the cabinets for every carb imaginable!

    Yikes! Trixie gets so scared during storms, but it also gives me an excuse to cuddle up with her :)