The downside of being a home owner

I've been in my house about a year and haven't had too many issues. The only thing that keeps messing up are my toilets. For some reason they like to backup constantly, and randomly. Not stop up like I flushed too much TP or something but like completely randomly decide to stop up and not flush at all, without being provoked. And today was the day they decided to do it again. Ugh. This just happened 2 months ago! Something is definitely wrong with my pipes! It started with the toilet in my master bath. It was looking funny, the water looked extra high in the bowl when I was cleaning up my bathroom so I decided to test it and flushed. It proceeded to try to overflow. By now I am an expert on turning off the water knob behind the toilet so that's what I did so I didn't have a sopping wet floor. Then, knowing what I was about to walk into in the guest bathroom, I prepared myself. I flushed the guest toilet and of course it starts to over flow and leak out from the base of the toilet. Just perfect. And this always happens when I have to pee. Luckily, I just renewed my Home Warranty so this will be covered. I called the Home Warranty company up and put in a service request so hopefully they will be fixed tomorrow. Well, knowing I can't stay there without a toilet I packed some stuff and headed back to my parents house to stay another night. Ugh. I hate toilets.


  1. AMEN on single girl home maintenance!! I had toilets problems over the winter. UGH!!

  2. Ugh, I hate having to fix my own toilet! I feel so gross touching it,haha