Saturday is finally OVER!!

Today has been the LONGEST day!! Slow days at work make for a very long 12 hours!! Anyway, I ended up NOT getting up at 4am to do my workout. I decided an hour extra sleep would be better! And I decided this while I was half asleep at like 3ish! Ha! So I did my workout when I got home tonight. I basically did the strength workout I posted the other day, but only did 2 sets instead of 3 and added in a bunch of lunges and squats!! It’s kinda fun to squat or sit in a lunge when doing arm exercises! Makes your legs feel VERY shaky!! Learned this trick from Jillian Michaels!! So I felt like I got a pretty good workout in 20 mins while my dinner was cooking. Tonight I had sweet potato fries, a leftover turkey burger with no bun, a tomato, and some roasted broccoli and cauliflower leftover from yesterdays dinner. And for dessert a couple dark chocolate squares! YUM! Sorry no pics, I’m lazy tonight:)

I am already dreaming of tomorrows breakfast. It has something to do with yogurt, fruit, and PB for sure!! Hope everyone has a GREAT Sunday!!


  1. Thanks for the almond extract idea! Good thing I have some on hand :)

    Have you ever tried jumping squats? These are my favorite thing to do if I don't have time to do cardio! They get your heart rate wayyy up there and leave you with Jello legs afterwards, haha :)