Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all of ya'lls daddys!! Don't forget to tell him you love him! We spent the day on the lake again. We set out extra early, around 9am so I could get some good water to wakeboard on before all the other boats got out. And the water was awesome!! Like glass! I got a lot of time in and was actually getting some air when jumping the wake! Yea!! Love it! I am going to be SUPER sore tomorrow. I just didn't want to stop, I kept going and going! Ha!! Around lunch time we decided to go back up to Lee's Ford Marina and eat. It was getting pretty cloudy so we thought it would be a good time to eat. I had the grouper sandwich again. It's so yummy! When we got finished it was looking kinda stormy so we decided to close up the boat and head on home. I did end up getting a little burned today because I forgot to put sunscreen on. I was in the water for hours!! It's not too bad though. Tonight we are just relaxing and having breakfast for dinner. I am really craving french toast but have no syrup to out on it. Any suggestions about what else I can use?? We are heading home tomorrow and I am having lunch with my BFF! Yay!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful sunday and Father's Day!


  1. Sooooo fun! Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend!!! :)