Morning Ride and Questions!

So I know I said I was going on a run this morning, but last night I decided to cross train today and run tomorrow so my legs could have a day off from running. So this morning I got up at 6:30 and headed out for a bike ride. And wouldn’t you know, it actually felt slightly cooler this morning! Go figure, I am up and hour later and not running so of course it’s gonna feel cooler! Anyway, I normally ride my mountain bike, which I’ve had since like 5th grade. But this morning I decided to take out my dad’s road bike! Now, this bike is old, like older than me but it still works great! Didn’t get too much use over the years I guess! It’s on the small side so it seemed to fit me well. I LOVED riding this bike! Road bikes give a much better ride and I went so much faster! At one point, I got a bee in my shorts!! Yikes! Bet that was a funny sight to see! I was jumping around trying to get the bee out probably flashing my butt to the world! Ha! Speaking of butts, mine is so sore! Definitely need to invest in some padded shorts! I will definitely be doing more riding!! So here’s my stats from my ride:



Max Speed: 18mph!!

Calories Burned: 394

Thought I did pretty well!! Ok, so I have some running and cycling questions for ya’ll.

1. Do ya’ll ride on the streets? I rode on some trails today but at some points there was a choice between a side walk and street. I chose the side walk because I’m still nervous to be on the road but I didn’t know what the right thing would be.

2. Speed work question: I don’t have access to a track so do ya’ll think it would be better to do my speed work outside on some flat ground or on the treadmill? I know either would work but what do ya’ll do/ prefer??

Ok off to wait on the plumber than back to lay out in the afternoon! Hope ya’ll have a wonderful day!!


  1. Great stats!
    I pick the sidewalk if there is one. I can't stand it when people ride on the street if there is a sidewalk. I'm always afraid I'm going to hit them!

  2. My rule of thumb is: if your on a mtb - sidewalk. If your on a road bike - road. Sidewalks are dangerous. Lots of obstacles, people, driveways. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I think your chances of getting hit are higher if you are on the sidewalk rather than the road.

    I don't do my speedwork on a track, I do it on the road. NEVER treadmeal. Why would you torture yourself like that:)!

  3. I ride on the sidewalk when it's along a busy street, but I run on the road when it's in a neighborhood. It's tricky though.

    Speed work on a treadmill is just dangerous to me. It's a YouTube clip waiting to happen.

  4. I ride on the street, but if you are uncomfy riding on the street then do it on the sidewalk, but just know that pedestrians might get a little peeved!

    I'm assuming that the speedwork question is for running, haha so I would say do both. Mix it up because both can be beneficial to you! I used to do my speedwork on a treadmill, but then when I would run outside I would see how much faster I was getting :)