I hope everyone is having a GREAT Monday!! The weather is really nice here, sun and clouds, about 90 degrees. A little hot I guess. Anyway, I got up early, around 7:30 to run. I decided to try to eat a little something about an hour before I started my run to see how it would make me feel. I normally do not eat ANYTHING before morning runs and this is probably not a good idea once I start getting into higher mileages so I decided to perfect my routine now! So I ate half of a piece of WW bread with PB and half a glass of H20. I started my run about 8:45ish. I was running a loop around town and I wasn’t exactly sure how far it would be, at least 5 miles for sure. There was a few things that made this run not so fun:

1. The hills- This route was very hilly and I felt like there was minimal downhills for all the uphills I was doing!! I haven’t been doing my longer runs on hilly routes so I wasn’t used to this!

2. I decided I was just gonna run at a pace that felt great and not not make myself slow down, well now looking at my times I probably could have held back a little more so I could have gone farther.

3. The bread and PB were not a good idea! I kept burping PB! YUCK. And I was getting awful side stitches which I don’t normally get if I don’t eat before a run. I am still gonna work on this though, I think I just need to give myself more time after I eat and before I run. I am going to try for 2 hours or longer next time!

So basically I was dying and really pushing myself at 4 miles so I just decided to stop there. Well after I walked about 5 minutes and my side stitch went away, I decided to try to run a little more and ended up doing 1 more mile for a total of 5. I walked the rest of the way home to cool down and that ended up being about .85. Here are my stats from my Garmin:

Avg Pace: 10:14min/mile

Mile 1: 10:22 min/mile

Mile 2: 10:19 min/mile

Mile 3: 10:06 min/mile

Mile 4: 10:09 min/mile

Mile 5: 10:10 min/mile

So I am proud of myself for going faster but man it was tough!! Hopefully I can tackle that route later on in the week and complete the whole thing!

I am now on Week 2 Day 1 of the 100 Push Up Challenge. It is definitely getting harder but so far so good! I was able to complete all the sets today. I am feeling a little skeptical about being able to do 100 push ups in a row after 6 weeks but I guess we will see!!

After I did all this, my mom and I took the dogs for a walk (I ran around by their house like always!) and I got a mosquito bite right on my back that is really driving me crazy!! I am trying not to scratch it but it’s so hard! That’s one thing I hate about summer in the south!! Do ya’ll have mosquitoes where you live??



  1. I often feel like I'm not getting enough downhills to compensate for all the uphills! I hate that feeling.

    Peanut butter toast + banana was my go-to for long runs/pre-marathon food. Maybe just give yourself a little longer before heading out.

  2. Hey girl,
    Thanks for the comment! You can def. be a follower haha, and that's totally not creepy at all!! lol.

    I can't wait to start the 100 Pushup challenge, too! I'm STILL sore from wakeboarding, so I can only do, like, six. It's sad. Glad you are doing it, too!

  3. I noticed where you mentioned the side stictches. I haven't been eating when I run; however, I have been getting them the last couple of times. Any tips on how to make them go away quicker?