One more day to go!!

As of sometime tomorrow, I will be in Kentucky at our lake house!! Yea!! I love vacations!! I am so ready to get my wakeboard on!! The only bad thing is Al can’t come because he has to work and tomorrow is his bday:( Luckily, he doesn’t mind if we celebrate it tonight!! I made him an awesome Butterfinger Bday Cake!! I got the recipe from here. The only difference is I used Dark Chocolate Fudge cake instead of plain old white cake! Here are some pics of the yumminess I created.


This is right after I poked a bunch of holes in the cake and poured the condensed milk/caramel mixture over it. Then sprinkled crushed Butterfinger on top of that. It had to cool in the fridge before I could put the cool whip on top!!


The finished product with cool whip and more crushed Butterfinger!! Can’t wait to dig into this tonight!!


Mmmm looks so gooey!! This was the easiest cake to make too!!

Ok moving on… No run today, thought I would give myself a day off after my 6 miler yesterday. Plus I had to go to an early PALS renewal class this morning then go get my ID badge made for school. Busy busy!! Now I am working on packing and cleaning my house up before I leave tomorrow! I am planning on going over to my parents house early again so I can get a 4 miler in before we leave! Looking forward to running those humongous hills in KY!!

Any fun plans for ya’ll this weekend?? Yes, I realize it’s only Wednesday but hey, I’m on vacation!!


  1. Yay for vacation!! I am not on vacation YET but this weekend will feel like a vacation since Jas is taking me outta town, woot woot!

    Enjoy your vacay!! :) It's too bad Al can't make it :( Happy Birthday to him

  2. That cake looks amazing! Have a blast on vacation!

  3. How have I never heard of such a cake? It looks amazing! Have a great vacation.

  4. That cake looks sooooo good!

  5. Butterfingers?? So good!! I'd love to try that!

    Have an amazingggg vacation! Nice and relaxing.

  6. That cake looks so yummy! Enjoy your vacation!!! :)

  7. Butterfinger cake is one of my faves! Have fun at the lake!

  8. Num, the cake looks delish!!
    Have fun at the lake house! :)