Hard, Hot Run

Like I said yesterday, I had a 6 miler planned for this morning. I got up at 5:45 and was out the door by 6. I stepped outside and thought, "You have got to be kidding!" It was so hot and humid already! Guess that's why we have a heat advisory today. So I sucked it up and started my run. Unfortunately I haven't been home yet to recharge my Garmie so I had not watch to run with. But luckily I was doing a route I new was 6 miles so it wasn't really an issue. It was hot. And humid. And miserable. Think I started out a little too fast because by the 3rd mile I was tired. So I slowed down a bit and kept on. This route is hilly too with not much shade which is not too fun either. All I could think about was water. I was so freakin thirsty! Guess I didn't hydrate as well as I thought I did yesterday!! I knew of a water fountain at about 4.5 miles so I just kept telling myself, get to the water! Ha! It worked! I stopped and had my magical 3 sips and was back on. Unfortunately I was exhausted and hot. I started getting chills which really freaks me out so I told my self 5 miles would be sufficient and I could walk the last mile home. Well after about 2 minutes of walking all I could think about was how thirsty I was! Like I have NEVER been this thirsty before. I just kept saying, "water, water, water!" again and again in my head. So I decided running would get me to water a lot faster than walking so I ended up running the majority of the last mile! So all in all I did get a 6 miler in, just needed short walk break:) And I got home and chugged some water!

I was really craving a Green Monster and of course my parents don't have a blender:( So I decided to hit up smoothie king and find the healthiest smoothie they offer! I ended up getting a small mangofest which had mango, pineapple, and OJ. No added sugar! It was yummy and 285 calories! Not too shabby!!

Haha, love the writing on the cup. "Chewing is over-rated!" This made me so full and took me about an hour to drink! I got it and then went to get my oil changed so it was a great snack to have while I sat there an waited!!

Now I am off to lay by the pool and work on my tan!! Just started a new book, The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. I am a sucker for his books! Anyone ever read this one??

What are ya'll reading right now?


  1. It is ridiculously hot! I cannot believe you ran 5 miles in this heat!!!! Good for you!

  2. I am reading that book right now. I love all of his books.

  3. I listened to this book thast month (I check out books from the library then download them to the Ipod and listen to them on longer or slow runs). It's cute. I like his books too. I always have to cry a little. The people around me are probably like - "what's going on with her?"

  4. Right now I'm reading James Patterson, Alex Cross series. They are very addicting, kind of scary, I love them!
    I think I will have to check out Nicholas Sparks books next, I've never read any.

  5. OMG it is so freaky when you get crazy thirsty on a run - that's only happened to me once before and I swear to you I almost drank the water in the creek that was next to my trail - it was so awful!!! Good thing you got home safely!

  6. I can't believe you are running when it is this hot outside! I have been strapped to my treadmill for the past week!!
    I'm reading "Unspoken" by Francine Rivers (she wrote "Redeeming Love" which is one of my all tim favs). It's about David and Bathsheba. So far so good!
    I have always loved Nicholas Sparks. He knows how to make you cry!

  7. You made that smoothie last an HOUR? Shoot, I chug those things in 5 minutes!