Thursday Night

I forgot to tell ya’ll just how much walking I did today! I walked Sadie about a mile and then walked 5 miles on my treadmill while reading a book for school. It’s amazing how time flies when your mind it occupied on something other than the time and distance! Ha!

I am planning a longer run tomorrow as long as weather permits. Ya’ll know I can’t run long on the treadmill, I don’t have a good enough attention span! Anyway, I am going to try to conquer the route I did on Monday. Wish me luck!!

I am also going to work on finding the morning food routine that works for me before my longer runs. Last time, I ate an hour before and definitely needed more time to digest!! This time I am going to try to give myself at least 2 hours. Sadie likes to wake me up every morning at 5:30ish so she can eat so I guess I will eat something then and go back to bed for a little while after that!

So here is what I had for dinner tonight:


Leftover Turkey Burger from last night and grapes! Love Turkey Burgers!!


I also had some Annie’s Chunky Tomato Bisque Soup!! Yum-o!!

And of course I had to have dessert:


Edy’s light Vanilla ice cream with some caramel topping. Once I eat the rest of this, I am not buying anymore ice cream! I just end up eating it all!

And here is a pic of my sweet Sadie resting after barking at cats outside for the last hour! She wore herself out!!


Do ya’ll have any fun plans for the weekend??


  1. That is my favorite soup!! I am weird about buying ice cream too! I don't want it in the house if Jason isn't going to be here to help me eat it. One time I sat down to watch a movie with a pint of Ben and Jerrys, I only meant to take a FEW bites, but the whole thing was gone before i knew it!!!!!

    Not any fun plans yet, just relax and watch Lost :)

  2. That food kind of made me hungry all the sudden, haha!!! :)

  3. Finding that perfect food/digestion balance is tricky. It's one of the many reasons (cough excuses cough) I have for not working out in the morning. :o)