I feel like a slacker:(

I had every intention of getting up around 6am this morning and doing my speed workout either outside or on the treadmill. Well that being said, I had a little too much fun with the girls last night and consumed one too many glasses of wine! Ha! So I ended up sleeping in until 8:30 and still kinda have a headache:( Oh well, it was a lot of fun last night! So needless to say, it’s too HOT outside now to do it and I am really not feeling the treadmill. I even jumped on it and ran for like 3 minutes before I decided I was OVER it. So now I feel like a slacker. I have been doing so well waking up at the crack of dawn everyday to run and now today I’m disappointed in myself:( Do ya’ll ever feel this way when missing a workout?

I do have a little back up plan though. After I mow my yard I plan to go to my parents house to layout by the pool. So there I can swim some laps and then add in a strength routine/abs. I think this plan sounds good.

I have layed out at the lake or by the pool everyday for one week straight! Ha! I never do that! I am a very fair skinned person and probably have not been this tan ever! LOL. The only reason I am able to lay out everyday is that I have been off work for 12 days because I am trying to use up my vacation time before I quit for school! And tomorrow would be my last day of work! I am secretly hoping I am cancelled! It will be a bittersweet day though, I love all my co workers. Luckily we all see each other outside of work so it’s not like I will not see them at all!!

What’s everyone’s plans for the weekend?? Off to mow the yard!


  1. I definitely feel like that sometimes but honestly if you usually wake up early and one day you don't- thats not a slacker at all! Besides, spending time with your friends is more important. So it's okay :)

  2. I don't think you're a slacker! You're still going to get a workout in, even if it is Plan B. You deserve a rest before you head back to school, so soak up that pool time!

  3. Awww, don't worry about it! 6:30 is EARRRLY! You had fun with your girls, and that's important, too! Mowing can be your cardio for the day, lol.

    For days like this, I just mark it an "off" day and move on.

  4. I LOVE swimming laps! It's such good exercise!

  5. I'm jealous of you getting to spend everyday laying out!! Enjoy it before school starts :)

    I'm planning on cleaning up around the house and getting organized this weekend. Also a friend that has a pool is having a party tomorrow afternoon so that should be fun!

  6. Dont feel bad for missing a day! Somedays you just need a break especially after a fun night with the girls!!

    Yes, I hate missing a workout, but if I am tired or not that into I think my body secretly thanks me :) Enjoy mowing the grass and lounging by the pool!