I tackled the hilly route!!

I did it!! I finally tackled the hilly route by my parents house that I’ve been working on for about a week and a half now! It ended up being 6 miles and I felt great the entire time!! I woke up at 5:30 am and was at my parents house, heading out for my run at 6:30am. I think this played an important part into how good I was feeling. It definitely wasn’t as hot and the sun didn’t start beating down on me until about the last mile and a half. I also tried to slow it down a bit more than usual so I could go the entire route. This helped too. I felt like I was going ALOT slower when actually I wasn’t!! I think that’s pretty awesome! I also made sure to really hydrate yesterday and didn’t eat anything before my run. My stomach was MUCH happier running on empty. Weird right?? I will definitely be getting up early like this to do my long runs all summer!! Here are my stats for the run:

Avg Pace: 10:30- Not that much slower than usual! Thought I was going so much slower than this!!

Mile1: 10:35

Mile 2: 10:25

Mile 3: 10:22

Mile 4: 10:37

Mile 5: 10:53

Mile 6: 10:11- I feel like I always must finish off strong!

I’m super excited that I made it 6 miles. I thought I was going to be stuck at 5 miles FOREVER because it still seemed tough!! The rest of my day is going to consist of taking Sadie for a walk, mowing my yard, studying for my PALS class tomorrow, and spending time with Al tonight!! Hope everyone has a great day!!

What do you think the biggest factor is that makes you feel GREAT on your long runs?? Weather, hydration, pace, music, fueling, etc…


  1. I'm becoming a firm believer in running in the morning on an empty stomach! I know it sounds weird, but I always go farther and feel better.It seems like its the same for you!



  4. GREAT RUN! Hills AND breaking the 6 miles mark? WOO HOO!

  5. Great job!!! I always find that what I've eaten the prvious day and how hydrated I am, are the biggest factors in how well my runs go!

  6. Wow you are really making progress with your running! Great job :)

  7. Yay for conquering those hills! (I like to finish strong too, hehe)

    Every run is different for me, sometimes it's the music that gets me through, or sometimes I just picture myself accomplishing the run and how good it will feel when I do that :)