Lake Pics!!

We got home pretty early today so I could have lunch with my BFF! It was so yummy!! I spent the rest of the day laying out by the pool working on my tan:) I am planning on being by the pool everyday until school starts!! Ha!

So here are some pics from the lake!

This is where we parked our boat quite often this weekend! Such a pretty waterfall!

My serious wakeboarding face! Please bear with me, I have too many wakeboarding pics to decide between so I am going to post a lot!

Haha look at my face!! I must have been a little nervous about this one!!

Chillin in the boat working on my tan!!

I like the background on this one! The lake is so pretty!!

Love this pic! I look so relaxed! Ha... And the water is perfect, like glass!!

Haha, goin down!! Lol, thought this was funny!

Gettin some air!! This is my FAVORITE!! I was working on this all weekend!!

Thanks for bearing with all the pics!! Obviously I had a GREAT time! Kinda sad to be home. Luckily I will get to go back for The 4th Of July! Yay!!

No running today... just alot of being lazy in the pool!! Tomorrow I have another 6 miler panned so I gotta get up really early! Yikes! Hope everyone had a fun weekend!!


  1. That scenery is so pretty! I don't see how you do it, I have terrible balance and would be on my face in a minute!

    Cool pix!

  2. I never been wakeboarding but it sure looks like a lot of fun I have a couple foodie giveaways going on right now.

  3. So pretty! I can't wait to head down to the lake in a few weeks!!! although I will NOT be wakeboarding, lol...not skilled enough for that.

  4. You look so awesome wakeboarding. I can tell you spend alot of time there. You can never have enough pics on your blog.

  5. Fun trip!! I love the waterfall!

  6. Those pictures are awesome!! Looks like you had an awesome time!

  7. So jealous! This post really makes me want to go water skiing!

  8. What beautiful pics and looks like so much fun. Sadly I have never been wakeboarding before, but it looks like a blast :)

  9. So fun!!!!