Hey there everyone! Hope ya’ll have been having a GREAT Monday!! I think it’s fixing to storm here AGAIN, hopefully this time won’t bee so bad! Anyway, I decided not to do a long run today and wait until tomorrow for 3 reasons.

1. It was supposed to be kinda stormy today so I would rather not run in lightning! Haha

2. I am still really sore from all the lunges I did Saturday night! Like it hurts to walk! Ha!

3. I was so tired from working this weekend that I didn’t want to get up early again! 12 hour shifts really wear me out! I am still so tired today!!

So I just took Sadie on a walk today and rested! I had lunch plans with a friend from work and we ate Sushi! YUM!! She is in the CRNA program I’m fixin to start so she was psyching me up for it!! I only have 1 more day of work left and then it’s all school! That’s so crazy to me!! It’s going to be so weird to not be working and to be back in school! I’m still not sure if I will be working PRN or not. For those of you who aren’t nurses, PRN is basically where you only have to work 2 shifts a month and you can pick when you want to work. My director said he has to get a position approved for me so it’s still up in the air if I will be working at all or not. I don’t really care either way. I mainly want to work so I can see all my friends and co-workers! Ha!

This afternoon I got into a baking mood. I saw on Kristin’s blog, Iowa Girl Eats, that she made some yummy looking almond biscotti so that sounded like the perfect thing to make!!


It was a very easy recipe to make!!


Of course I had to sample one and it was SO GOOD!! Great recipe Kristin!!


I also needed to make some more sweet tea because I ran out. And I ALWAYS have sweet tea in my refrigerator!!

Not sure what I will be having for dinner, either a summer salad and sweet potato fries or oatmeal since I didn’t get any for breakfast. Can’t decide… I also bought some more ice cream when I was grocery shopping today. GASP!! I know! I couldn’t help myself. At least it’s the slow churned lower fat version! But cookie and cream will definitely be calling my name later!!

Question: What time to ya’ll eat dinner?? Early or late, and is there any reason?? I always seem to be eating late, like 7 or 8ish.


  1. Glad you're having a good monday!

    I tend to eat dinner late, I've just gotten into a late routine. I don't leave the office until after 6 and then I go straight to the gym. Its always at least 8 sometimes even 9 when I eat.

    I keep trying to get to work earlier so hopefully I'll leave earlier and get on a better schedule, but I just can't seem to do it :(

  2. The biscotti looks so yummy! I will definitely have to give it a try. We usually end up eating dinner around 7 or 8. I would rather eat around 6 or 6:30, but I can never make it work.

  3. Haha, every time you say 'fixin' I have to laugh. It's so southernly cute!

    We are early to bed early to rise people, so we usually eat early around 6:30. I was so starving when I got home today though, that dinner was chips and salsa and cake at 5:30! I'm stuffed and kinda sick! haha.

  4. Hey girl. We usually eat around 6 so we can all eat together. Delaney goes to bed at 8, so we try to eat a little earlier. I did notice that you said "fixin" a lot in this post...funny!

  5. I eat dinner late, too! I don't realize I'm hungry until like 6:30-7 p.m., so they I have to make it.

    I also like your little Southern accent. You're so cute, haha. :)

  6. I prefer to eat late, but it's def better to eat early. I usually end up eating around 6:15ish most nights!

  7. I eat around 6:30 or 7. Tuesday's are late though because I do speedwork with a group and I don't get home until 8. I am usually in bed by 9. I'm wild -- I know.

    Lunges get me everytime. I can't seem to figurue out that if I just do them more regularly, they wont put me out of commission when I do do them.

  8. I'm SO excited to hear about CRNA school!! Please let us know how it goes!

    I usually eat later (7:30-ish) when I'm at home, but now that I'm working evening shift, I eat when I get a chance and feel like I'm semi-organized...somewhere around 7-8-ish. I've been able to eat so far, but I know there will be nights when I get so busy that I'll forget to eat! Hopefully not too often.