Good Morning Bloggies!!

Good Morning friends!! How is everyone's morning going? Mine is good so far! I was super tired when my alarm went off at 5:30 but I made myself get up to run. I was out the door around 5:45. I hadn't really planned out a specific number of miles, was just gonna see how I felt and decide from there. The verdict? Legs felt VERY sore and tired so I just busted out a slow 3 mile recovery run. It was nice and flat but definitely slow and steady! I really need to set myself up a training schedule so I have a more laid out pan of my workouts! Maybe I will work on that today!!

After my run, I took Sadie for a 1 mile walk and she was nearly attacked by a huge, mean dog! Not sure what kind of dog it was or where it came from but it ran up to us and was snarling and biting at her. Poor Sadie. No wonder she is such a scardy cat! Finally after I kept telling the do "NO" and to "Go Away", it did. Crisis averted!

I am currently still at my parents house waiting for the plumbers to call me and set up a time to come fix my toilets! I am not going to my house until I know they are coming because I know I will more than likely have to pee when I get there! Ha!!

Not sure if I will get to lay out today:( Depends on the plumbers. Also, who knew you where supposed to change the air filters in your Ac every couple months?? Not me! How was I supposed to know! I mentioned to my dad yesterday that my AC was having a hard time cooling my house down only during the day and he asked me when the last time I changed my AC filter. And my reply was "Never". Ha! So he is hopefully gonna come over after he gets back in town to check this situation out! Hopefully that easy fix will make my AC work at bit better!

I am hopefully gonna set up my Twitter account today so be looking for me! I will let ya'll know what I decide on for my username! Any more suggestions on this would be great too! Hope everyone has a GREAT Wednesday!


  1. Look at you running super early! I wish I could do that :)

    Sorry I'm just now responding...I got new Asics, I think gel somethings but I used to run in 2140's and these just totally did not feel like new shoes! It was weird. I havent had a chance to run since Sunday but I am definitely heading out today so I will see how it goes this afternoon....

    For $130 I want my feet to feel pampered! (At least for a 100 miles or so :)

  2. Wow! You are so dedicated! I don't think I could have forced myself to exercise at that time of morning! I wish I had your motivation! Way to go!

  3. You need to lay out. You need to lay out for all the poor people like me stuck in a cube all day. :o)

  4. You are so disciplined - I was snoozing at 5:30! Hope you get your toilets taken care of!

  5. Please lay out for me as well, I'm also stuck at work and it's raining! boo!
    Wish I had the same running dedication that you do! someday.... ;)

  6. Girl.... I'm amazed at your dedication! I bow down to you, haha!!! :)

  7. Hi - just found your blog and excited to start reading. Sorry to hear about the plumbing - thats no fun! :(

    You def deserve to layout today! Go for it! :)

    Happy Running!