Ok I think I finally got my Twitter account working!! I was having issues following ya’ll and vice versa! So if you tired to follow me earlier on in the day make sure it worked!! It’s kinda addicting! Ha! Check out my cute little Twitter Button on my sidebar. Just click there to follow!!

So the plumbers couldn’t come today because they are all booked so my time frame tomorrow is from 9-12. Not too bad, just ready for my toilets to be fixed so I can stay at my house! So the workout plan for tomorrow is another run, hopefully 4 miles if my legs are up for it. I’m a little wary because of how tired they were this morning but we shall see!

I got a bunch of pics from my mom’s camera from this winter so I leave you with a very cute pic of Sadie in the snow!

sadie snow1


  1. Hehe. I hope your toilet gets fixed! My Trixie LOVES the snow! She runs around and acts so playful, which is really funny to see since she is an old dog, haha

  2. Puppyface!!!

    I'll find you on Twitter right now.

  3. Ahh I may have to join the Twitter bandwagon soon...let me know how you like it!

  4. So cute!
    Rest day's do wonders ;)