Yay for Tuesday!!!

I am excited about today for a couple reasons. First, I am going to get Sushi for lunch with my friend Katie and some of our old co-workers! I love Sushi!! And second, I have my last soccer game of the season tonight and it’s the final game in our tournament!! Woohoo!! No matter if we win or lose I am predicting some major partying after! :) But our summer league starts in 2 weeks so it’s not like I will be missing these guys for long! Ha!

I woke up at 7:15 this morning all on my own. Now, why can’t I do this on mornings I need to get up early and run!?! I am taking the day off from running since I have soccer tonight. I found this to be the best thing for my playing! Anyway, I decided to take Sadie on a walk before it gets scorching hot!! And after we got back I did some ab work. Nothing too exciting to report. I am sore from doing my push ups yesterday!! Mostly my sides, like at the top of my ribs and my back. Guess I don’t use those muscles very much!

I am totally in love with the running clothes I got yesterday at Sports Authority so I’m gonna post some pics from their website!!

nike shirt

I got this shirt in hot pick and bright blue! It is so lightweight and long! I love it! For some reason I really don’t like the shirts with the built in sports bras. I would rather have a sports bra and a shirt. Anyone else feel this way??


I got this pair of shorts also! I have been self conscious about wearing these spandex type shorts all by themselves. But I decided to suck it up because I look good in them and they are super comfy!! Ha! I got another pair similar to this but the website doesn’t show them:( But I am super happy with the deal I got on these and can’t wait to run in them!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Tuesday!!


  1. I prefer wearing a shirt and a sports bra as well. Some of my tops have them in them and I always wear my own underneath it anyways.

    I love your attitude towards the shorts. :)

  2. I agree! some of the tops that have sports bras built in them don't actually fit my boob size (haha)None of my running tanks have a built in bra for this reason, I just make sure that I find a comfy, fitting bra to wear underneath :)

    Good luck with your last tournament!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. haha I love how you wrote you decided to suck it up because you look good in them - you rock! Your self confidence is admirable! :)

  4. You're so funny - you look good in them...ha! Own it girl! But seriously, they look really comfy too :) Good luck at your game!!!

  5. Agreeing with everyone else about the need for shirt + sports bra. Love the new duds!

  6. Yay for cute running gear! I'm a huge fan of the shorty shorts too. I won't be 20 something forever, so I'm wearing them all I can.

  7. Where do you get sushi at?

  8. I'm definitely a shirt and sports bra kind of a girl, tops with built in sports bras are so uncomfortable to me!

    I really enjoy your blog, hope you'll check my blog out. I'm going to be hosting several giveaways throughout june!!

  9. Good luck at your soccer game! I hope you come out a champion!

    I definitely opt for shirt + sports bra. The built in ones don't really fit correctly, but I will wear them sometimes. Many times I'll opt for just running in a sports bra when it gets warm enough!

  10. I totally agree with the sports bra and tank combo. Not that I'm big, but c'mon the built in just doesn't do it for me.

  11. I have that orange Nike top, only in pink! I LOVE it, too...so lightweight! I want to get it in green, too.