Acorn Squash

Hola!! Hope y’all have had a good Sunday! Mine was ok, a little boring, but that’s to be expected when the day involves studying! Haha :)

I broke around 11:30am to do my scheduled 4 miler. I opted for the treadmill again since it was freezing outside! Hopefully this will be the last treadmill run for a little while! It’s supposed to warm up this week! I did 4 miles at about a 9:50 pace. It felt good! I was jamming to my Glee station on Pandora! I’m such a dork, haha!!

Tomorrow is an off day from running and I think I’m going to devote it to doing some yoga! I really want to be super flexible so I need to practice, practice, practice! Plus, I’m sure it will help me with my running too!


Lunch today was nice and simple.


A turkey sammie with a honeycrisp apple. Delish!!

I was super snackie this afternoon, just felt like I couldn’t get full! I had some Quaker Oat Squares and some wheat thins with hummus.  I hate when I feel like this, especially on days when I’ve been sitting around most of the day.


The star of dinner tonight was the ACORN SQUASH! I have never had this before but decided to pick 2 up at the store yesterday! I decided roasting it would be the easiest and yummiest, so that’s what I did!


All I did was slice 1 acorn squash, drizzle it with EVOO, salt and pepper.


Baked in the oven at 400* for 20 minutes.


Look how pretty these turned out! I was surprised at how sweet this squash is! The texture was like butter with sweetness from the squash and a nice salty contrast from the salt. This is a must try!!


I also made a taco salad using Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken I defrosted, lettuce, onion, tomato, celery, shredded cheddar, a blob of light sour cream, and hot taco bell taco sauce. It was yummy!!

I definitely foresee some peppermint ice cream in my near future!!

Well, it’s back to the grind tomorrow, and for me that’s a test. I’m ready to get it over with though!! I hope your Monday starts out right! See you in the morning!

Oh, and congrats to Meghann, Caitlin, Ashley, and Megan for completing the Walt Disney World Marathon! You girls rock!!


  1. I love squash. That looks so good!!

  2. The squash looks so yummy! I just bought an acorn squash this afternoon at Whole Foods and now I can't wait to eat it!

  3. Niki--how can I subscribe to follow your blog? I can't find a button!

  4. Looks so good! Love all that food. Thanks for all that eye-candy! I'm going to try the Chicken