Good morning my lovelies!! How goes it?!?

It’s quiet here today! Sadie’s laying on her usual spot on the couch and I’m cuddling with her listening to the rain and studying. I think I would much rather be stuck inside studying on a rainy day then on a sunny day. What about you??

I have a test tomorrow that I will be studying hard for today, but am hoping to have the weekend off from school work!! Yay!!


I discovered something wonderful and unexpected this morning!!


Is that a near empty PB jar?? Why yes it is!! OIAJ (oats in a jar) is a MUST for this morning!!


Yum, Yum, Yum!! I wish I could have OIAJ everyday!! That would require me to buy and eat a jar of PB a day! Haha, I think I could do it, but I would probably gain like 50 lbs!!

I made my usual Banana Oatmeal base and added some raisins(added into the almond milk in the pot at the very beginning) and a TBSP or so of Kashi Go Lean Crunch on top! It was divine!!


And my DD Hazelnut coffee with a couple splashes of Almond Milk!! I am almost out of said Almond Milk! Oh no, the horror! Good thing a trip to the store is in order tomorrow or Saturday!!

Question: What’s your favorite kind of milk?? I like every kind I’ve tried so far!! I’m a little on the fence about Soymilk, because in the past it’s hurt my tummy, but I love the taste! I think I will experiment a bit more with it soon!!

On the Agenda today:

  • 5 mile interval run(looks like it will be done on the treadmill due to stormy weather)
  • Studying and cuddling with my pup
  • Class this afternoon
  • Grey’s and Private Practice tonight!!

Hope you have a great Thursday! Can’t believe how FAST this week is flying by! Super excited for the weekend!!


  1. I like your OIAJ! Brilliant I tell you! I am a big vanilla silk milk kind of girl. If soy milk upsets your stomach...do you think you are allergic to soy?
    Have a great run on the treadmill! Stay dry :D

  2. yum! enjoy your oats in a jar! they are my fave!