Snow Day!!

Happy Thursday friends!! Today is indeed a “Snow Day” here in Memphis, TN!! Wohoo! Guess my little snow dance worked! We just got a little bit, but to me, any is better than none! And, since people freak out with the talk of snow here, everything is shut down! Ha! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that schools are shut down tomorrow too!!


This is half of my backyard. Pretty, right?!? I realize all you northerners are probably laughing at me for even calling this “snow”, but when you see it like once a year, any snow is fun!!


This is a pic out my front door into the cove. I am still hoping for a BIGGER snow sometime this winter!! Sadie seems to like the snow! She hops around in it and looks so funny!!


But, she prefers to be cuddled in her bed all nice and warm! Haha, isn’t she the cutest!!

Since I have NO CLASS today (!!), I was able to sleep in! And sleep in I did, until around 7:50am! I woke up STARVING, and knew I had to eat breakfast first and run later!! My growling belly trumped my running this morning, ha!! I also realized that I get more reading for school done in the morning vs the afternoon, so I am thinking of switching my runs to the afternoon more often. We shall see!

Anyway, since I made this WONDERFUL discovery yesterday morning…


I knew oats in a jar were a MUST this morning!! And, I didn’t just make ANY oats, I made Purple Oats!!


With a little dusting of “snow” on top!!


Look at all that Purple Peanut Buttery goodness!!


Now all together!!


On the agenda for today…

1. Read, read, read!!

2. Run- 5 mile speed work (treadmill)

3. Find some wedding invitations

4. I may have to venture out to Wal-Mart to buy a new print cartridge to print out some papers for tomorrow’s class. I am hoping to squeeze out just enough ink that I don’t have to!!

** Do ya’ll have any good suggestions on where to get my wedding invitations from? I want them to be nice, but not expensive! I just can’t see paying a ton of money for something people are just going to throw away!! Haha :)**

Be back later!!


  1. YAY for snow days!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. I want a snow day! haha. CUTE doggie and yummy-looking oats!!

  3. I made my wedding invitations and they turned out awesome! You know what I used for the "outside" - wall paper. Think about it, SO many options! the inside was just nice card stock and whatever I had printed. They turned out better than I could have imagined. I know it would probably be easier to order them, but I found a picture of the ones I wanted and it was cheaper just to make them....just a though.

  4. That is a sweet picture of Sadie. I dont know how you are keeping from grabbing her and snuggling ALL day long!! :)

  5. I wish school would be cancelled tomorrow too, but I doubt it. It sure was nice sleeping in today!

  6. That's the most pathetic "snow" I've ever seen. :o)