Hey! Today was the LONGEST day ever! Ahh!! I was at school from 8am-4pm, which is super long for me! Usually we are there for a few hours in the morning and that’s it! My last class today(which is an online class and the teacher just wanted to meet us) was so painful. I though it would never end!!!

Backing up to breakfast…


I got up early, just so I could make this yummy oatmeal!! I know, same oats for 3 days in a row! But what can I say, I am totally loving this combo! I will try to mix it up some tomorrow morning!!


With DD Hazelnut coffee of course!!

This breakfast lasted me until about 10am and then I broke into a snack during class. Something about just sitting in class always makes me hungrier than usual! Not really sure why!


This flavor was pretty good! I will definitely be buying it again! Not too minty and just the right amount of chocolate!!

This snack held me over until about 12:30, right when we had 30 minutes to grab some lunch! Luckily, I thought ahead and packed my lunch the night before!


I had my favorite sandwich combo, NM PB with a mashed banana on a sandwich thin!




I also packed some Strawberries and…


Some Veggie Pirates Booty! This flavor is just ok. I prefer the cheese flavor!

While suffering through the worst lecture ever, I had a few unpictured apple slices that a friend shared with me. And when I got home, I had a bit of trail mix because my tummy was growling!


The yogurt covered raisins are my favorite!!

After my snack I did some Yoga Sculpt on Exercise TV! It was kinda tough but I stuck with it the whole 30 minutes!! I passed on Whittle My Middle 2 again today because we did a ton of planks and ab stuff during Yoga Sculpt. Love Exercise TV!!

Dinner was one of my favorite GO-TO meals! Turkey Burgers!!!

Turkey Burgers

  • 1 lb ground turkey breast
  • breadcrumbs
  • Chopped scallions
  • tbsp Dijon mustard
  • few splashed of Tabasco and worchetershire sauce
  • minced garlic
  • salt and pepper
  • cooked, chopped spinach
  • EVOO

I never measure anything, I just throw it all together so sorry for the lack of measurements!!

Mix everything up in a large bowl.



Form into patties, I made 6 patties. Heat EVOO in skillet on medium heat. Cook 6 minutes per side.




I roasted a sweet potato for me and regular potato for the fiancé, so we could also have fries! It was awesome, natch!!

I will be having a Chocolate Cupcake shortly! We are starting to run low due to the fiancés amazing ability to eat multiple cupcakes a day! Ha! Fine by me!

Off to watch 24!! Have a great night!


  1. I like the veggie recipe. Sounds really good. I love Pirates Booty but I didn't even know they made a Veggie flavor! But it doesn't sound that good.

  2. Super speedy 10 miler. that's aweseome, especially since you felt so good througout it!

    I had a turkey burger and sweet potatoe fries for dinner funny.

  3. Thanks for the turkey burger recipe, look like a nice way to season what would otherwise be a boring hamburger. Going to try this!

  4. p.s. I've been scoping out Exercise tv and hoping to find a cardio workout for next Monday morning. Love that we have this channel!

  5. I'm going to make your turkey burgers for dinner! with sweet potatoes :) I'd already planned that this week too, but I'm adapting to your recipe. How funny we all think alike! I also have been looking on ExerciseTV. I've found some great workouts!!