Study Day Saturday

Good morning to ya!! I had a glorious 8 hours of sleep last night, and Sadie woke me up right at 7am, when I was hoping to wake up! She must be psychic! Haha. This whole past week, I have woken up STARVING! Like full on stomach growling, I can’t get food into me fast enough! But then, I get full pretty quickly. It’s very odd! Any insight into this, as I am clueless??

Today is an all day study day, as is tomorrow because I have my first Pharm II exam Monday. This stuff is hard too because it’s stuff I didn’t really learn about in nursing school so it’s basically all new info. Needless to say, I will be spending most of my day on the couch cuddling Sadie while I study. Can’t say that sounds half bad (except for the studying part of course)!

I am waiting until mid-day to do my 5 miler to see if I can run outside. Right now, it’s not looking so good, as it feels like 3* outside. Maybe it will warm up super quickly?!? What is your coldest temp you will run outside in? Mine is around 25*, but you definitely have to factor in the wind-chill! That’s what makes it feel so cold! If it’s colder than that, I would just rather be running inside!


On to my yummy breakfast!! I ran my dishwasher last night so I had a pot to cook oats in this morning!!


My usual banana oats (1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup H20, 1/3 cup milk, ~1 banana-I used frozen since I’m out of fresh, dash of cinnamon and almond extract) and topped them with some coconut “snow” and Dark Chocolate Dreams PB! Delish!!


This filled me up super quickly, I almost couldn’t finish it all!


Have ya’ll tried this PB?? It’s so good, like eating dessert for breakfast!!


Check out my cuddle bug…


Guess she’s a little chilly so she wrapped herself up in her blankie!


Isn’t she precious! I promise I’m not a crazy dog lady, I just love my pup!! I know Allison would understand!!  :)

Any fun Saturday plans for you?? Be back later!


  1. Sadies got it right! That looks perfect.

    I have never met a temperature cold enough to keep me from running outside. I think the only reason I would run inside is if there was an electrical storm and we just don't get those around here very often.

    Good luck studying.

    (p.s. I always wake up starving too)

  2. Happy Studying!!! :)

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