My New Love

How’s everyone’s day been today? Mine has been pretty good! Got everything done that I needed to! To me, that’s success!! At this point, it looks like I still have class tomorrow  :( I still have wishful thinking though, because all the other schools in my area are closed tomorrow! We shall see…


I did a 5 mile speed workout on my treadmill today. I did 8X400 with a 90 second recovery interval. It was tough, but I felt like it was a GREAT run! It was kinda fun running it shorts and a tank top, sweating buckets when there is snow on the ground outside! Haha :)


Lunch today was a fabulous creation!


I scrambled 2 eggs with spinach, chopped onion, and tomato. On the side, I had a Clementine and a sandwich thin with Honey Walnut cream cheese! This was a great lunch and definitely hit the spot!! It also left me super full!


I am definitely a ketchup on eggs kinda girl! Well actually, I am a ketchup on ANYTHING kinda girl! I LOVE ketchup! I buy an organic brand so it doesn’t have HFCS in it!! Score!

I have been seeing this around the blog world for a while, and Allison had posted about it the other day, so I knew I NEEDED to try it!


Sabra Hummus!! My new love! OMG, this is the best stuff ever! I feel a definite new addiction coming on!


I ate them with a few low fat wheat thins… or a couple handfuls! Haha! This is the creamiest, best tasting hummus I’ve ever had! I am looking forward to trying all the different flavors!!

Since the fiancé wasn't around for dinner tonight, I decided to just make pasta and salad.


I used the Sabra Hummus as my dressing and it was AWESOME! I liked it better than regular salad dressing!!


I made some ww penne with a spicy and cheesy marinara sauce. This sauce put my mouth on fire!! I used way too much cayenne pepper, but it was still delish!!

I may or may not have bought some Peppermint Ice Cream at the store today :) I am the crazy ice cream lady who went out to buy ice cream on the snow day… Yep, that’s me :)


My friends at Vistaprint sent me a link to this awesome Giveback Giveaway they are doing! If you remember, that’s where I got my awesome Save The Date Magnets from!! I also have been eyeing some of their Wedding Invitations!! Their products are awesome and they offer such great customer service! They are giving away cameras, Netbooks, photobooks, and a grand prize of a Macbook!! All you have to do is go here to enter!! I know I will definitely be checking this giveaway out!!


I am so happy tomorrow is Friday! The weekend is almost here!! Any fun weekend plans? None here since I will be studying for a test on Monday! Oh well, it’s too cold to do anything anyway! The high tomorrow is 18*! Yikes, can’t remember when it’s ever been that cold! Have a fun night y’all!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Hummus...if you ever find the Spicy one made by that brand...try it!! I love it!! I dont even like spicy food but it is sooo yummy!!

  2. That cereal is so addicting. Did you ever have the cinnamon flavor? They discontinued it, but it was the best!