Finally Friday!!

Yay! It’s finally Friday!!!

My test this morning was AWFUL! Super hard!! Glad it’s over with now, but not too excited to see what I made :(  Oh well, it happens. All my classmates felt the same way so at least we are all on track with each other! Ha!

I got up early to study for my test, so I didn’t have time to blog this morning. Breakfast was another yogurt creation.


1 Chobani Pineapple Greek yogurt, 1 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch, and 1 honeycrisp apple, heated in the microwave for 2 minutes to get it soft.


All mixed up!! Very yummy!! Again, this breakfast was awesome but by 10am my tummy was growling!! No time for a snack though!!


And a little coffee with a splash of Almond Milk.


When I got home from my test, I took Sadie on a walk and then did Whittle My Middle 2. Man that workout keeps getting longer and longer as I can do more reps of each move! I love it!!

I’m having a really hard time NOT listening to Firefly Lane all the time!! I’m trying to save it just for my runs so I have something to look forward to, but it’s tough! The book is getting so good! I did listen to it today while I walked Sadie. I just couldn’t help myself! Looking forward to listening to a lot of it tomorrow on my long run!!


Lunch was some leftovers that I found in the freezer! Gotta love that!!


Smoky Chicken Chili with a dollop of Light Sour Cream and some Shredded Cheddar Cheese!


And 2 cornbread muffins on the side! These actually froze really well and tasted just as yummy today!!


I went to the grocery store this afternoon for some much needed food stocking! I was completely out of bananas! Crazy, right?!?

After I got back I was so ready for a snack, so I mixed up a little trail mix.




The star of it was my 2nd favorite cereal ever (my 1st being Quaker Crack):


Oh’s!! Yum, yum, yum!! Quaker sure knows what they are doing!! I opted for these when I saw them today instead of Quaker Oat Squares!! I can only find these at Wal-Mart, so when I’m there, I like to stock up!! Have y’all ever had these Oh’s before??

I also added some dark chocolate chips and peanuts to my trail mix. It was oh so good!! Great combo, if I do say so myself!!

I also found this at Wal-Mart:


I have been wanting to try this for so long!! I wasn’t too excited with the taste though. I’m going to give it one more shot before I really make up my. Have y’all ever tried this tea? What do you think??


I am happy to say that my weekend will consist of minimal to no school work!! Woohoo!! I do have lots of other stuff planned though! Mostly house work and a fun baking project!! Can’t wait!!

Tonight is date night for the fiancé and I!! We are staying in but it should be a blast! I probably will take the evening off from blogging, but I will be back in the morning with a date night recap!! Are y’all doing anything fun this weekend??

Have a fun Friday night!!


  1. I am definitely going to try your smoky chicken chili! It looks so delicious!

    And I freakin' LOVE oh's! They are sugary heaven. I used to eat them ALL the time in Junior High! And yes, I can only find the at Walmart too!

    I'm glad that you are loving Firefly Lane! Where are you at in the story??

  2. Okay, everyone I know is reading that book. I need to download it when I get my Nook.

  3. Lisa's comment is funny. I was totally thinking about how I need to get that book and listen to it after the one I have now :)

  4. Aww, girl.. i'm sure you did better on the test then you think :)