Heavy Heart

Good morning!!

I am having a VERY heavy heart for all the people involved in the earthquake and Haiti. I would love to be a part of the relief efforts, as I have a strong love for the people in this area, and am sad I am unable to do so due to school. But, I know there are tons of people headed there to care for and rescue the people. I’ve been on 2 medical missions trips to the Dominican Republic and while there, took care of MANY Haitians who had illegally crossed the border to the D.R hoping for better lives.

I saw this little boy in the Haitian village 2 years in a row. It’s amazing how little these people have, but how thankful they are!!

I know the conditions in Haiti were not very good to begin with, but I can’t imagine how they are now. Please continue to pray for everyone there and all those who are going for the relief effort.


On to my morning eats! I am seriously lacking in the food department… I am heading to the grocery store Friday so I just have to make it through the next day! Luckily tonight I have a school dinner function at Boscos, but I am completely out of cereal and oats :( So, I had to be creative this morning!!


I had 2 leftover pancakes from BFD the other night that I froze, so I took those out this morning, popped them in the toaster and had a quick and yummy blueberry pancake breakfast!


Along with a banana sandwich! Slice a banana lengthwise, fill with PB, place the other half on top! Love this combo!!


And of course, coffee, in my “Exercise Girl” mug for some motivation for speed work later on today!!


I better get crackin on some reading so I can get finished before my dinner tonight!! Have a wonderful Thursday! Only 1 more day until the weekend! Wohoo!

** I have yet to decide what type of speed work to do today… what’s your favorite?**


  1. My heart just breaks for this country!!!! The pictures are just absolutely heart wrenching!!!!

  2. I feel so so sad for everyone there. :(

    Your banana sandwhich looks soo yummy! I'll have to try that! haha

  3. I am just devastated for Haiti!

    Loving the banana sandwich! You are so creative!