This and That Workout

Good Evening!!

Hope y’all have had a Happy Hump Day!! Class this morning was pretty bad… I felt like I knew nothing and it was so frustrating! So I’ve spent the majority of the day rereading material and finally understanding some of it! But, now I have a bed headache :(  Guess I just used my brain too hard!

Lunch was another Taco Salad creation


I made it the same way as yesterday and it was good!


On the side I had Garlic Bread on a sandwich thin and a Clementine.


And for dessert, on of Polly’s No Bake Cookies!


For my workout today, I did a “This and That Workout”. I call it that because I did a bunch of different things!! I started off speed walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes to warm-up. Then I did 15 minutes strength training, Whittle My Middle 2, Polly's Yoga for Low Backs, and then took Sadie on a 1 mile walk. All in all, it took about an hour. My legs are a little tight from my long run yesterday so it was nice to get some walking and stretching in!


I had a really yummy snack this afternoon that incorporated my new favorite thing: Mashed Banana!!


I had a Sandwich thin with PB and mashed banana. This was sooo good!! I will definitely be eating this more often!!

Dinner was just something I had to throw together with stuff I had on hand! My pantry is getting pretty bare!! Must go grocery shopping soon!


I had penne pasta with spicy marinara sauce!


And some roasted Acorn Squash! Love this stuff!


Peppermint ice cream with chocolate chips for dessert!!


I have a speed workout planned for tomorrow and am hoping I can squeak out a few more runs in my shoes before I buy new ones this weekend. What kind of running shoes do you wear?? I will not be buying the same pair I have now, Asics Nimbus 10’s. I feel like they have contributed to some plantar fasciitis issues that I had a while back. So I’m trying to decide what new shoes to get!

Have a great night!


  1. Great work out today! And good luck with your speed work tomorrow! I find those so tough. I have asics gel-kayano 15 but you may need to move out f the asics family?

  2. I love Clementines! I ate like 4 of them in a row last night! And, aren't those sandwich thins great? I love them because it's not too much bread!

  3. Hey... do you have a Fleet Feet near you? I would totally suggest getting your running shoes from there!! :)

  4. I would definitely go to Fleet Feet this weekend and get Eric to fit some for you. Their prices are the same as you would find anywhere else, but they take the time to make sure its the right shoe.